Mother’s Day Contest


One day in a year is not enough to Thank Mothers for all their love, hard work and sacrifices, but it is a good way to reminisce all the hard work they put in for us. This Mother’s day, lets multiply that joy of spending time with Mothers.

Instructions to enter the contest:

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  2. Share a photograph of you and your mother, or you being a mother or give us a piece of your life in writing to narrate your best motherhood story. Post it in the comments below or just email it to us on
  3. Share us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.
  4. Contest Open from 11/05/2017- 13/05/2017


  • First Prize: Lunch/ Dinner for you and your Mother at a restaurant of your choice
  • Second Prize: Two coffee mugs with your photo print
  • Third Prize: Gift Voucher

3 consolation prizes will also be declared.


  1. Sumana

    Me my mom and my sweetvlittle princess who made me realised what a bliss motherhood is and also made me realised the value of my mother!

  2. Priyanka Agarwal

    Motherhood is eternal.
    It’s a full time responsibility, still it’s burdenless job.It is a role in which once we enter ,we stays in the same profile till our death and still it gives us immense happiness and there is no redundancy being felt.
    It makes us selfless, responsible, patient, responsive ,loving and caring.
    Since last 4 years, the moment I realised I am pregnant , I entered in this happy phase of motherhood.From that moment every action n timetable moves as per my kids.Be it cooking, dressing, trips, shopping , everything happens as per their comfort n liking.I didn’t even realise when I also started liking Pink because it’s my daughter s favourite.
    I didn’t realise when idli became our daily breakfast , when her dolls n toys became my play gadgets , when cartoon became my TV serials .It has changed me entirely from top to bottom and I am happy about it as it pleases her.Me n myself no longer exist.
    Yet, I become strict when she does something ethically or morally wrong as I feel it’s my responsibility to nurture her into a good individual.

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