If you are reading this article, we assure that you have successfully completed your first trimester or someone you love dearly has done the same. Congratulations, your first three risky months are successfully over and now you embark upon a journey even more exciting and thrilling. Feeling your baby’s first kick, seeing your baby completely in the anomaly scan and knowing the gender of your child(only if your country allows it).

These three months are wonderful because the fetus grows incredibly in these months. You can start connecting with your baby because now is the right time. Let’s get started with our To-Do list for the second trimester. We hope you loved the list for the first trimester, please like and share the same.

  • Started working out? no?? What are you waiting for? If you have not signed up for any pre-natal exercise classes, then please find one and get started. You can find a pre natal dance class, or a yoga class or pilates or just a walking club. Get your body moving because more you move, more the blood that rushes to every corner of you.
  • It’s time for a visit to the doctor again. You will get many tests done in this trimester because your baby will be checked for anomalies like the structure of the head, the nose bone, downs syndrome, genetic disorders and neural tube defects. You will also need to get your blood sugar level tests done, with and without glucose.
  • Start shopping. Yes, this is the time to shop. Since our belly is on a gradual rise, by the end of this trimester you will be too big to fit into your old clothes. So go shopping. Buy maternity clothes even if you are not visibly pregnant yet. These clothes will give you more comfort and that is the only thing a new pregnant mamma seeks.
  • Stretch mark proof your belly. Just kidding. There is no way you can stretch mark proof your belly. You can just moisturize your skin to try and avoid the appearance of any stretch marks. Any medicated cream which your doctor might recommend would come in handy. You can also try Bio oil or shea butter because they moisturize the deepest layers of your skin and it increases the elasticity leading to fewer stretch marks.
  • Baby-mooning Period. Yes, this is the time you can go for your baby-moon. Spend some quality time with your spouse because once the baby arrives, it becomes a little difficult for a new mother to divide her attention. You will find a balance eventually, but for nor enjoy your time with your better half. Go on a trip, sign up for some dance classes or just go for some hand in hand walks every day.
  • Prepare your older children. If you already have children then this is the right time to set their mind that they will have a little brother or a sister very soon. Make them decorate the nursery with you. Involve your older child in connecting time with the baby.
  • Start Sleeping on your side. This is one of the most important things that the doctors recommend. With the start of your second trimester, your blood flow gets effected with your sleeping position. So it’s best that you start sleeping on the side, preferably left. (Read More: Best Sleeping positions for pregnancy)
  • Plan your maternity leave. Decide from when you would want to quit your work and inform your human resource department about it.
  • Love Wearing Rings? Set aside your love for rings for a little while because your fingers will now be swollen. If you are wearing any rings, then this is the right time to take them off and keep them safe. If you keep wearing them then most certainly they would need to be cut in half to be taken out of your swollen fingers.
  • Keep walking for at least 40-45 minutes everyday.
  • Drink 8-10 glasses  of water everyday.