People always wonder what would make a good gift for their children for their upcoming birthday or for the husband or the wife for their promotion or their anniversary. Thinking of the gift becomes a hassle when you get tangled in between a thousand options which you like and which you think the other one might enjoy. This is a tale of a man who did everything to figure our one such gift which would make his family happy.

Once there sat a man, with a phone in his hand, constantly browsing through websites trying to search for something for his wife as an anniversary present. The kids were playing outside on the trampoline yelling on top of their lungs. They were asking their dad to come and teach them a trick or two. “Coming in just a bit” replied dad with his firm voice. He was getting distracted with the constant bugging.

It was a Sunday afternoon, so the wife was busy in the kitchen, humming to herself a beautiful song. She listened to the kids calling their dad and his reply but thought that she could just wind up cooking and then go out to solve the matter. After a million requests, the kids stopped asking for their dad to come. They knew he won’t budge. Surfing websites was getting irritating for the man of the house. He couldn’t pick something which his wife would love. He wasn’t able to help his wife with the household chores and with parenting at all, so he wanted a gift to relieve at least a little bit of his guilt. When his finger failed to find a spot to stop, he thought about putting down his phone for a while. His eyes needed rest and so did his mind.

He got up from his chair which had a big, almost permanent ass print on it. The print made his think that he was sitting in the same spot since last three hours. Without noticing that the kids are still playing outside, his wife is all set to serve the lunch. He was so engrossed in his phone that he was once again making the same mistake. He wanted to buy an expensive gift for his wife to compensate for his absence and his family was counting him absent today as well.

“I need to change” he told himself as he went to the kitchen. He hugged his wife as she was picking up plates for lunch. She was a little startled as this hadn’t happened in years. He slowly whispered,”I Love You” in her ears and picked up the plates. He took her by hand and made her sit on the dining table. Still holding her hand he said,” Now, I’ll be here.” She smiled, held him by his collar and said,”You better be.”

Going outside, he saw that the trampoline was still waiting for him but the kids were gone. He went up and started bouncing. Making all the noises he could, he bounced up and down. The kids came running and saw that their dad was doing even worse on the trampoline. They asked him to move aside and flaunted few tricks. He was surprised to see that his kids were doing great. He felt a little guilty once again but decided to do something about it.

The only solution to the guilt of being absent, is your presence. When you are absolutely involved in something, it becomes a blessing in itself. Hugging the wife made him realize that she has bought his favorite fragrance once again, her hand got burnt and she has ignored it, she has made three separate dishes for all of the three boys she has. (ALSO READ: Life Lessons To Learn From Children)

Trampoline was cold.. He could feel the push when he started jumping. The air which went up and down in his stomach with every bounce was making him tickle. His absolute presence in the moment made him feel all the things he never knew were present. These little things were immensely joyous and he was grateful beyond expression  to have realized what he needed to do. He found his gift, not in the phone but in himself.

Try this for a week. Unplug completely and play with your kids, or just watch them play. Just knowing that you are there, watching them will change their behavior in a billion ways. Be as involved in the little things of life as you are with your work. These little things are the blessing you have missed all along. Don’t let them pass, unplug and live a little.