Must Ask Questions From Your Gynecologist

There are many things in life which we don’t even ask to our own selves. But we should understand that we should over come our fear of embarrassing ourselves and ask some of the most personal queries to our doctor. In a country where it’s a taboo to even talk about our private parts, it’s hard for a woman to share her deepest secrets with someone who is not her own.

Don’t worry if it just a small zit which is causing irritation or if it is the way with which you can have sex while you are pregnant, everything is important for you to ask. You can’t shy away your entire life. So Ladies, it’s time you visit your gynecologist and this time be sure to ask these questions.

Is it ok to have SEX while being pregnant?

There is no shame in asking something while obviously is very personal to you but can have am impact on the baby you are carrying within you. If you are pregnant and you don’t want to loose the intimacy with your better half, then be sure to take your doctor’s consent first. There are some cases where the doctor advises otherwise and it’s always better to know.

Why do I have a constant itch?

If there is an itching down there which raises occasionally, then it’s absolutely normal but if the itch stays, then there most be something serious. The permanent itch may be anything starting from a bacterial infection to yeast infection or may be even STD. Sometimes razor burns can also cause the itch or you might have an allergic reaction to a soap or an intimate wash you started using. Whatever the case may be, instead of being your own doctor and doing magic tricks to yourself, ask your doctor. It’s a must ask questions from your gynecologist.

STD… OMG.. Can I Get It?

When a person is sexually active, there are many issues which one needs to attend to. One is the probability that you might get infected with a STD. There are many sexually transmitted infections which have serious repercussions and you might now even be aware of their symptoms. There is no harm in knowing the symptoms and getting yourself checked for it.

Why do I have painful Periods?

Trust me, there is no woman on earth who would want the periods to last more than what is absolutely necessary. While some women don’t even feel the discomfort, some go through excruciating pain. There are many reasons which contribute to your painful periods. You may be having some mineral or vitamin deficiency or you may be anemic or you may be consuming excess salt or many more reasons. You must ask this question from your gynecologist in your next visit.

White discharge, is it common?

Our vaginas are self cleaning. Every woman faces the issues of discharge but in moderation. It is the cleaning process and your vagina removes all the infections and bacteria in this process. But if you notice some variations in the consistency, color, texture, and smell, then consult your doctor. To rule our some serious issues, it’s safe that you ask this question from your gynecologist.

SheNeeds is encouraging you to get out of your shell and ask these “must ask questions from your gynecologist.” It’s our request to all the women, please don’t neglect your health because you are the axis around which your family is revolving. Visit a Gynec is you are in doubt.

Stay Happy Stay Healthy

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