As the population is bursting all charts, the talent is increasing too. People are getting more advanced and more creative in letting the world know what talent they own. Even with the advent of LinkedIn, old schools resumes are a must for you to land up a job. Resumes are like the axis around which the process of hiring is revolving. If done right, Resumes are the greatest tool and you can sell yourself very well with a wonderfully crafted resume.

These days there are people who make resume professionally but the majority resorts to making their own resume.Over the years, the Hr’s from various multi national giants have noticed that anything less than stellar in a resume leads to rejection of the candidate. They mention that there are a few common mistakes which they have notices since decades and these mistakes become the pitfall for any candidate. To make your resume your star certificate, you need to avoid these blunders. Today SheNeeds brings to you those five resume mistakes which may cost you your job. (ALSO READ: Dressing Guide For All Working Women)

Spelling and Grammatical Errors on Resume

Spellings and grammatical errors on resume reflect your sloppiness. With increasing competition, there is no room for any ignorance or carelessness. According to a 2013 CareerBuilder survey, 58% of employers identified resumes with spelling errors as one of the top mistakes that led them to automatically dismiss a candidate.

The recruiters suggest that people should not just resort to spell check, they should also check their punctuation marks. After reviewing it, one should always get a second set of eyes to review the resume.

Adding Too Much Details

Formatting and styling adds grace to your resume but too much everything is never a good idea. Sometimes the resume gets out of hand because of different fonts and styling. It becomes distracting and sets you up for failure. Always make sure that you use the same style of bullet points i the same font and sizes. Don’t forget to align as well. The only thing you can get creative with is your language. Don’t use the same words repetitively. Enticing the reader with a language that sizzles is your super power. Use it..

Using The Same Resume For Every Job

One more horrendous mistake you can do on your resume is to be vague. If you intend to send the same resume for every job application, you will always miss hitting the bull’s eye. You will end up using vague terms but your competition will use laser focused words for every application and will knock you out of the game. Avoid this error on your resume and write what the employer wants to read and what’s meant for that particular job.(ALSO READ: Learn Powerful Dressing from Powerful Women)

Omit The Irrelevant Details

The employers come across hundreds of resumes which mention irrelevant details. It doesn’t matter if you won the first prize for playing guitar in the third class, the thing which matter is what you have achieved with your talent. Many a times people skip the important details and include the ones which are absolutely out of context.

Submitting Incorrect Information

Don’t want to be tossed into the pile of rejected resumes? Then don’t mention incorrect details and it is the biggest error on a resume. If in your skills you mention that you always pay attention to detail and then you forget writing down your phone number or your email, it becomes a big red flag for the recruiter and you get rejected. No one should lie on their resume. Incorrect information about your previous job or your responsibilities will eventually be caught if they are wrong and you will end up jobless once again.