Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki

Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki is a popular daily soap of Indian television industry which airs on Colors Tv and it is almost everything which is wrong in the world today. There is no logic to anything which is happening on the show and it makes absolutely no sense.

Then WHY?? Why do people watch it??

Well, it’s far beyond my comprehension and it is probably beyond the understanding of all sane people in the world. In spite of creating the most non sense script ever, there is a constant rise in their following. Have a look at the stats:




Well, certainly I am not the one. Let’s see the logic which this insanely popular TV show is behind. Try not to laugh..

Once upon a time there was a girl named Tanu. She got married to Rishi but unfortunately due to her cursed destiny, she died. She took a rebirth and after 25 years came back to work with Rishi in his office. She too met with an accident and instead of dying, she got her plastic surgery done and got the face of Tanu.

Rishi is still the same, just the beard has appeared. He must be eating some miraculous anti-aging jadi booti for sure. Now Tanu who is reincarnated as Tanuja gets married to Rishi in a very minor mistake of bride swapping. It’s so common I tell you..

She and Rishi eventually fall in love and thunder strikes again. They get separated because Rano (Rishi’s mother) keeps bringing new girls for him to marry. The guy who must be atleast 50 by this time. We are the descendants of Aryabhatta, so we are good with numbers.. Hence, a girl named Netra who took college admission in Mumbai, wanted to marry Rishi who is technically 50.

When Tanuja refused to budge, Netra faked sleeping with Rishi and Tanuja saw it. She left Rishi and his home. Now after seven freaking years, Tanuja has a daughter and she is back in Mumbai. After a fight between her and Rishi in every single episode. Rishi doesn’t know the reason why Tanuja left him.

There is immense communication gap between this husband and wife.

Rano is like the ‘King Kansa’ of Kalyug. No one ever tries to stop her. She meddles and ruins the name of all mother in laws around the world. With no person to stand for what’s right or wrong, this Tv show is making right to the top of TRP’s. Why are we Indians, who are in dire need of changed mindsets, watching such crap? Aren’t the people making this platter of shit, having any responsibility towards the society.

Both the makers and the viewers are at fault and there seems no end to this. How will the mindsets change when the people reaching to the masses of our country are serving every wrong ting. And the people who can choose what to watch, are choosing these emotional turmoils over anything educational or informative.

Coming back to my jokes, Tanuja is getting married again. Not to Rishi. Abhishek would be her new husband and a new series of emotional atyachaar lies ahead. If you have lots of happiness and smiles in your life and you are feeling bored of it, watch this insane creation and ruin all of it in one go.

Best of luck…