Vastu tips for wealth

Want more and more money to come to your way? But something or the other happens and it keeps flowing. Are you the one whose cash flow never stops? As soon as money flows in, some expenses naturally crop up and your plans to save go flying out of the window? So here comes vastu tips for wealth.

Well, there are some remedies to this issue. Our ancient science of Vastu shaastra, has some wonderful solutions and insights for this problem of money retention and increasing cash flow.

Vastu Shastra (vastu tips for wealth) is one of the most ancient science of India. It is logical based on 16 directions and their effects on our lives. As the style of living has changed tremendously, people are evolving their ways of applying vaastu in their homes as well. From big homes we have moved on to life in an apartment. This shift has not only made the application of vaastu a little tricky, it has also led to several blunders too.

Today SheNeeds will tell you a few tricks which will keep your cash flow increasing at all times and your saving will gradually see a raise. These vastu tips for wealth are the ancient vaastu techniques and most of them are forgotten or ignored in a normal household.

Vastu tips for wealth :

1) Level the floor

The flooring of your house plays a very important role in keeping up your cash reserves. If the floor of your house is broken or it has some holes in it, then your money keeps draining. To make sure that your cash reserves see a consistent rise, even out your floor and see to it that the entry of your house is also perfectly leveled. There should be absolutely no broken stone or tile on the main door of your house as per vastu tips for wealth.

2) De Clutter Your Home

In vastu tips for wealth, it is said that a cluttered house generates so much negative energy that it repels any prosperity coming to the house. Our habit of storing things for years and years even after they are of no use, creates lots of clutter and destroy the space energy of our home. As soon as the clutter gets removed, positive energy starts to flow and attracts more money.

3) Water Storage

Water is a very important element of our panch bootas. Our bodies are made up of 70% water and if the water element of our homes is balanced, it attracts wealth, health and fortune. Images of flowing water is said to be a wealth energizer and you can put it up in the north east direction of your house. A small earthen pot or a fountain would have tremendous effects on the flow of your wealth.

4)Money Plant In North

Money plant symbolizes wealth and if put in the right direction, it has miraculous effects. When a money plant is placed in a green vase in the north direction of the house it brings many money making opportunities. Wealth comes through opportunities and when you utilize them to the fullest, money keeps flowing.

5) A Beautiful Entry

It is said that laxmi enters your house through the front door, just like you do. If the entrance of your home would be pleasing and serene, then there would be prosperity residing in your house forever. An unkempt and untidy entrance repels wealth and the people of the house get hounded by misfortunes and troubles.

So use these vastu tips for wealth and attract more money.

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