MakeUp Tutorial

Need a Quick Makeup tutorial? Are you also tried of making some silly mistakes while applying make up everyday? I know I am. I forget applying the primer sometimes and then my make up starts to flow like a river. Sometimes I don’t use water proof mascara even though I know that it is a hot day.

Are there any set ways with which I can make sure that I do my everyday makeup flawlessly and it doesn’t turn patchy or flows after a few hours? Well, there are tricks to make that happen.
We can learn from the expert. The tricks which we often forget, play a very vital role in making our make up stay and in maintaining the glimmer on our faces. The wedding season has just started and these makeup tutorial might make things really easy for you. You can do your own wedding make up and be insta ready hassle free.
Today SheNeeds is bringing to you the best three makeup tutorials to learn the tricks and hacks of makeup. Watch and learn girls.

Light Everyday Makeup Tutorial


This makeup tutorial is perfect for everyday office look as well as for small homely occasions. It would be suitable for a brunch as well.

Wedding Makeup Tutorial


We all attend numerous weddings in one season. Needless to say, we don’t show up in our regular clothes and in our regular makeup. This makeup tutorial is just perfect for those trying to achieve a dramatic look for a wedding. It makes you look like a fashion diva and you can catch all the eyeballs at the function..

No Big Budget to Buy Makeup Products…

Well, here are the things you can buy within Rs. 300.. Keep watching..


When the products are pocket friendly, we don’t refrain from applying makeup on a regular basis. Who doesn’t want to look even prettier? Do let us know in the comments section below if you liked the makeup tutorials. You can also share your pictures with us.. We would love to share your moments..

Stay tuned to for more such articles.

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