Homemade Natural Mosquito Repellents

The season of mosquitoes is here and almost on a daily basis we hear about someone falling sick with dengue, malaria. These days the markets are filled with a plethora of mosquito repellents and consumers are still not satisfied with any of the product. I personally have used almost all of them and I feel that mosquitoes are growing immune to all the repellents.

Today on behalf of SheNeeds I am going to give you some tips to keep the mosquitoes at bay by using homemade natural mosquito repellent and you can very well secure your house for your little babies and kids. These tips are driven from the dadi nani ke nuskho ki kitab and I am honored to tell you that these tricks work wonders till date.

Presenting below Homemade Natural Mosquito Repellents :

If You Are Venturing Out

Since the mosquitoes are absolutely unbiased insects, they bite babies almost as much as they bite adults. So, there is a very effective homemade natural mosquito repellent you can apply on your baby’s skin to get rid of the mosquitoes. All you need is pure camphor and coconut oil. Mix the two and rub it on your baby’s skin. It has no harmful effects and the smell will not be unbearable like those roll ons. Just like me, there are many mothers who don’t prefer applying anything on the skin of the baby and for them home remedies come handy.

1) Miraculous Oil

Neem oil, is the only thing which the mosquitoes can’t be immune of. If you light a diya at the entry of your home and on all of your windows from where the mosquitoes enter your house, you will notice that within an hour, all of them will vanish. Lighting a neem oil diya is far better than putting ‘all out’ or mortien in every room.These products effect ones health and for the people having respiratory issues, these products are next to poison. Neem oil is best homemade natural mosquito repellent, which doesn’t have any such effects and works wonders. You can also apply this oil on skin to avoid getting bitten by the mosquitoes while you are out of the house.

2) Citronella home made candles

All the products available in the market use citronella oil as the main ingredient to repel mosquitoes. Citronella essential oil is available in the market and it can be used to make homemade candles. When we burn citronella oil mixed with a little lavender oil, it works like magic. The room feels heavenly because of the smell and there are absolutely no traces of mosquitoes. This homemade natural mosquito repellent is a must try..

3) Indian Lilac and Coconut oil

Indian lilac is a homemade natural mosquito repellent and it is also used as a natural pesticide. If you are going out for more than eight hours, then you can use a 1:1 mixture of coconut oil and Indian Lilac oil. The smell keeps the mosquitoes away and you don’t have to worry about using chemicals in your home.

Bonus Tips

  • Always make sure that your baby sleeps in a mosquito net. The lotions and creams work for a few hours only and after that the mosquitoes can bite your child.
  • Keep the doors and windows closed after evening.
  • Burn neem oil and camphor everyday in a lamp around the doors and windows.
  • Don’t let water stand for more than two days as it leads to breeding of mosquitoes.

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