Life Lessons To Learn From Children

Life Lessons to learn from children? Sound absurd to many but it’s the truth that we have a billion life lessons to learn from children. Do you remember when you were small ,you were in an ecstatic state of mind. You were always happy, nothing ever was important enough to upset you. There were no ego clashes, there were no fights. It was all about enjoyment and having fun. As we grow up we forget these basic little things about life . We strive for money, for success but we forget that the end result of achieving all these things is happiness. In our journey to be successful(Read rich), we forget that we have to be happy, just like we used to be when we were children. When I see my 2 year old daughter wake up and do new mischief every day, I find that I have a billion things to learn from her. She finds out new ways to learn, to be more curious, to be more thrilled about life, about everything she looks at. I feel that my age is taking away my abilities to do all those things which I used to do in my childhood.

Today on behalf of sheneeds I would like to tell us all the 4 life lessons we should learn from children. I know you would be surprised to see that these 4 lessons are the basic lessons of life but in a struggle to get through life, we forget following them ourselves. So it’s time to take a step back and learn these life lessons from our children who are naturally meant to be in the same state of mind as we all thrive to be.

Get up and try again

When my daughter was learning to walk, she used to try a million times a day. Every time holding the edges of the sofa, or the edge of the bed, she used to get up and tumble down again just to get back up and try once more. If at that time she would have started thinking the things about her future, what if I never learn to walk, how will I manage throughout the life then her ability to get back up and try again and again would have been hampered. Without thinking about the result, she just kept on trying night and day to get up on her feet and try walking. One fine day her efforts yielded the result she wanted and she was able to take the first few steps.
This is the first life lesson which we should learn from our children. We should stop thinking about what the future might hold for us. We should not get into the possibilities of what the future might hold. We should concentrate on the present and how we can make the best of it. The only thing which we can control is our actions. If we are doing the best we can in the present, the future has to hold something bright for us.

No enemies in no friends

I see children playing in the garden everyday. They don’t care who is playing in their group and who deserves to be in the group irrespective of the caste, creed, religion, color of the skin. They make friends and they play together. They don’t care about their reputation. They don’t have any enemies and they certainly know how to enjoy life to its fullest without caring about the things which wreck havoc in one’s life. This is certainly one of the most valuable life lessons children can teach us.

They are totally devoid of egos

Have you ever seen a child holding onto a grudge for a very long time? Even when the mother scolds the child, he comes back running to her and hugs her in an attempt to get her love once again. If children were egoistic then they would not have come back to their mothers after getting scolded. Their friendships would have been brittle, if they were filled with egos. Learning to live without ego is one of the most important life lesson to learn from children.

Let it go, Let it go

Children are the best example of how one forgives and forgets. We are the adults and we trap ourselves in pain deliberately. We don’t forgive and even if we make us think that we have forgiven, we don’t let ourselves forget. We should learn this from children that the quicker we learn to forgive and forget, the happier we will be.

When god made us, he wanted us to be happy. That is how we feel when we are kids. We grow and our happiness should grow with us but the contrary happens. If we continue to thrive on our streak of happiness, then we should have been ecstatic by now. Let’s learn these life lessons from children and be better adults than what we already are.

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