Hi Ladies

You all must be familiar with our name by now. Since months you have been reading content on our website called Sheneeds.co.in We have been serving you content related to women and their different needs and aspects of life. We are venturing into the market where we would like to assist women with their shopping needs as well.

Women from different parts of our country keep searching for products which are not easily available in the market. For Instance, a Mumbaikar is looking for a dupatta in the traditional Bandani print from Rajasthan. She needs it in a customized color as it has to match with the lehenga she brought. Now, it is almost impossible for her to plan a trip to Rajasthan just to get one dupatta. This is where we enter and make the things easy for them. We know you

If you are a seller, we know how competitive this market is. Internet is filled with giants who take up all the margins and leave small vendors with almost negligible profits. Here is where we would step in. We are giving you an exposure where you can set up a premium store on our website SheNeeds.co.in and we would allow you to update your catalog after every two weeks. While selling on social media platforms you can only update two or three products at a time. Here you would setup a store with all your specifications and pictures.

We have a wide network of women all around the country who are willing to buy what you are selling. We would be happy to make you a part of us for a minimal charge. If you are interested in selling with Sheneeds and growing with us too, then drop in an email on info@sheneeds.co.in