Sleeping positions during pregnancy

It’s hard to find comfort when you have a big pregnancy belly. As the expecting mother reaches the third trimester, it becomes a hassle to sleep. The body gets tired and sleeping seems like a slow torture. For mothers like me who had intense pains while lying down on bed, the very thought of sleeping was exhausting for me. I have excruciating pain in my pelvic region and my back just went on a strike the day I got pregnant. After consulting many doctors, I found out some very important information about sleeping positions during pregnancy.

These positions help the baby and the mother in many different ways. Today I am here to tell you the best sleeping positions during pregnancy. These positions are very comfortable and they don’t obstruct the blood circulation at all.

Sleeping Positions During Pregnancy

Doctors always recommend that a woman should always sleep on her side as soon as she enters the second trimester. If you are someone who is accustomed to sleeping on your stomach or your back, then your doctor would advise you not to do so. Sleeping on your back makes your uterus put pressure on the vein which takes blood to your heart. Sleeping in this position for longer intervals can lead to a lower blood supply to the placenta. The baby will be deprived of the blood and the nutrition he needs to grow.

1) Sleeping On The Right Side

Since sleeping on the back and the stomach get totally ruled out during pregnancy, the only two options left for the best sleeping positions during pregnancy are sleeping on the right and the left sides. Sleeping on the right side is a comparatively better positions to sleep in as it doesn’t restrict any blood flow to the placenta but the doctors and the midwives claim that sleeping in this position puts pressure on woman’s liver and it is not good for her health. So it’s very important to know sleeping position during pregnancy.

2) Sleeping On The Left Side

This is the sleeping position during pregnancy. When a woman lies down on her left hand side her blood flow remains perfect all throughout her sleep. The nutrition supply to the placenta and to your body is good and your body can very easily pump the blood through the heart. If you tuck in a pillow in between your legs and bend the knees, then the sleeping positions gets too comfortable for you to imagine. You can also use pillows to support your belly and your back to make yourself more comfy.

Few More Sleeping Tips During Pregnancy

  • Always drink more water during the day and less water in the late afternoons and at night. This will make you a less frequent visitor to the washroom.
  • Eat light before you go to bed at night
  • Small naps all throughout the day will keep up your energy and those long painful sleeping episodes will bother you less.
  • Try meditating to regulate your sleep patterns and your breathing.
  • Cut down on caffeine because it will not let you have a sound sleep and you will end up feeling tired at the end of a nap.

Pregnancy is a period which brings different struggles for all women. No two women experience the same things during pregnancy but sharing experiences always has it’s perks. You never know who you might help by sharing what you learnt from your struggles. I hope you find these best sleeping positions during pregnancy helpful.Please like and share if you know someone who might need these tips.

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