Vegetarian foods which can substitute non veg is a thing which is next to impossible for many. Vegetarian foods have always been criticized for have limited number of options. Non vegetarians can cook and do a lot more in their kitchen as compared to the vegetarian folks. It’s coming up as a new trend that people are turning Vegan and it’s making them even healthier than before. Celebrities like Sonakshi Sinha, Sonam Kapoor, Kangana Ranaut have turned completely vegan and it is doing miracles for their bodies and mind.

Earlier vegetarian foods included the dairy products but these day when a person goes completely vegan, he gives up on dairy as well. If a vegetarian kitchen looses dairy, then there is nothing much to cook apart from the veggies and grains. But there are a few vegetarian foods which can substitute non veg and they match the nutrition level of non vegetarian foods as well. They can easily be used in the kitchen as cooking alternatives.

Vegetarian Foods Which Can Substitute Non-Veg

Soy Cheese

If you are new to vegetarianism, then you must give up every food which comes from animals. Since cheese is a dairy product, you can’t be eating it and here comes the healthy Vegetarian alternative. You can add soy cheese to your diet. It tastes and spreads exactly like the regular cheese and has great nutritional value.


As far as the vegetarian foods are concerned, Tofu has one of the highest levels of protein in ti. Tofu is a food cultivated by coagulating soy milk and then pressing the resulting curds into soft white blocks. It is a very good substitute for meat or eggs as it is rich in calcium, iron and protein. Tofu is a great vegetarian food which can substitute non veg.


Jackfruit is the only vegetarian food can substitute non-veg as far as the taste and texture of non vegetarian dishes are concerned. You can roast it and make some delicious barbecue dishes. It is very rich in Vitamin B6, Vitamin C and Potassium. Jackfruits are easily available in the market and can be incorporated in a number of ways in the Indian kitchen.

Flax Seeds

Some people argue that fish is the only food which has Omega-3 fatty acids which are very essential for a healthy body. Well, they can’t be more wrong as there are always some vegetarian foods which can substitute non-veg. Flax seeds are the only vegetarian food which has Omega-3 fatty acids and it becomes a great replacement for fish. Flax seeds lower the risk of cancer, ease premenstrual syndromes and have several other health benefits.

Almond Milk

Almond milk is the healthier form of milk you can consume. It is very rich in many essential vitamins and minerals and can be used in place of regular milk in baking as well. Almond milk is an excellent anti oxidant and it gives your body all the healthy fats you need.


Yes, our very own chickpeas are loaded with proteins and are a great way to replace the non vegetarian foods.  It is also a good source of folate and improves production of red blood cells in your body. Like every other Legume, Chickpeas are very good for the bone and the heart health. They contain almost 19 grams of protein and are a great way to keep up the high protein the diet.

If you are a vegetarian then you don’t need to worry about your nutrition. You can just regulate your foods in a way that you get ample amount of vitamins and minerals you need to function in a healthy manner. Vegetarian foods are loaded with options which can keep you healthy and hearty. You just need to have an eye for them. Just find the vegetarian foods which can substitute non veg in terms of nutrition and you are good to go.