Importance of child car seat

How many of us own a car? Almost all of us. How many of us who have children travelling with us, own a child car seat? Well, in India the number is exceptionally low. We don’t feel the need to buy a child car seat because of two major reasons. First one being the awareness. We are not aware of the repercussions of travelling with a baby without a car seat. We are unaware of the importance of child car seat for kids. The second reason is ignorance. There are many people I have met personally who know how important a child car seat is for the safety of a child but they prefer to ignore the fact that they are risking the lives of their children. They are too sure of their driving skills and know that they can never meet any unforeseen situations on the road.

India is the country where people are forced to follow the rules which are made for their benefit. I have seen cities where helmets are mandatory because the fear of losing money on a challan is far much more important to them than their own safety. The things which are meant to protect them on the road have to turned into a matter of legal compliance otherwise people conveniently ignore it. Today SheNeeds is  reminding you that your safety is in your hands. Your beautiful little children are at a risk of injuring themselves while travelling in a car without being secured by a car seat. Before we tell you the importance of child car seat, let’s look at the video below to understand it’s functionality.


Why Car Seats Are Important For Kids?

A child car seat is specifically designed to keep your baby safe in case of an accident. Most accidents on the road happen because of someone else’s negligence, so you can never be sure of the time when you will meet with an accident. Just like you check the safety features of a car to protect yourself which in a car crash, you need to understand that the baby needs to protected too.

In India a baby is mostly carried in arms while travelling. Sitting either in the front of the car or standing in the rear of the car right in between the two front seats is where Indian children are found while travelling in a car. When the car crashes, the child gets thrown out of the car through the glass. If sitting in the front seat, buckled up with the person on the seat has even more fatal consequences. The child gets exposed to the risk of breaking back bone or neck because the impact and the pressure created by the belt is enough to crush him.

We know the visuals which come to our minds after reading these situations are scary but that is the only way with which we can realize how important it is to make our baby sit in a child car seat, properly buckled up. We hope that you now know the importance of a child car seat and would head out to buy one very soon. All the cars available in the market have a provision of fitting baby seats in the rear. You can buy either a rear facing car seat which is the safest option or a front facing car seat for your child. Be a responsible parent and install a child car seat to ensure that your baby and you are together and safe.