Our liver is like a sponge. Anything we eat gets processed and a little bit of it gets stored in the liver in the form of toxins. All the medicines we have took, the cups of tea and coffee we have had and every other thing which we knew is harmful to us, is now present in our bodies and it is certainly not an easy job to drain it out.

The process of Detoxification helps our body in cleaning the blood. It is done by removing the impurities stored in our liver where the blood goes for removal of toxins.  The detoxification process also eliminates all the stored up toxins from lungs, kidneys, intestines, lymphatic system and skin.

Detox works wonders for the people who are trying to quit any kind of addiction and it works by making your body understand it’s true form of functioning. In metabolic detoxification, the food we eat makes it easy for our body to to neutralize and solubalize toxins. The toxins get transported to our secretory organs for elimination and our body gets rejuvenated.

Today SheNeeds is bringing to you some tips to detox your body. Do it right to make it work.

Consume Natural Foods

While trying to detox your body, you should stick to a diet which is as natural as your body itself. Try whole foods, fruits and veggies in their natural form. Over cooked food hamper your process of detoxification. If your body’s digestion is improved, it aids the detoxification even further. (ALSO READ: Green Juice For Detoxification)

Avoid Tea, Coffee Or Sugar

Go absolutely sugar free while you decide to detoxify. The trigger foods like tea, coffee and other energy drinks wreck havok on your body and hamper the digestion to a point that it leads to accumulation of more and more toxins. To detoxify and to make your body let go of all the stored up junk, you should say no to all the trigger foods and should avoid sugar at all costs.


We all are aware of the benefits of drinking water. Well, when we try to detox our bodies, there needs to be a medium to carry the released toxins to our excretory organs. Water acts as the carrier and helps the body make the elimination a little faster. You can make your own detox water by adding cucumber, ginger, lemon to water in a mason jar. You can also add hot lemon water to your diet because it not only boosts the metabolism but also helps your skin release the stored up bacteria.

Sleep Properly

While on a detox die. you have to make sure that your sleep cycles get regulated. Sleeping patterns play a very important role in ones hormonal issues and if the sleep cycles are disturbed, it becomes impossible for the body to detox even after a strict detox diet. Make sure that you sleep for atleast 6-8 hours in a day. (ALSO READ: Working Out And Still Not Losing Weight; Improve These Things To Notice The Difference)

Detox Your Skin Properly

Almost 10-15% of the toxins of a body are released from ones skin. You can buy detox bath salts and can use them to eliminate the toxins from your skin as well. Drinking more water will also help your skin in eliminating the toxins. More sweating will open up your lymph nodes and will cleanse them too.

Be active all throughout the day

Just by being active all throughout the day, you can make sure that your detox diet is working properly. When you indulge in some activity or movement regularly, your body doesn’t go in the hibernation mode just like your laptop. It doesn’t save energy in the form of fat to use later. While on a detox diet, get up from your working chair in every twenty minutes and move. (ALSO READ: Walking changes your body in a strange way; Know how)