The beauty market is on a revolutions and every day we hear about a cosmetic line launching itself into the ocean. Like every other girl I was very confused about which products to use for my skin and which ones to avoid. After lots of research and experimentation, I cam to many conclusions which I will share with you a little while later.

Today, Sheneeds is here to clear a big confusion related to everyday creams. Almost all big brands are giving us variety in BB, CC creams. These days there is a new addition to the daily use creams and they are the DD creams. These all in one creams are making your job way too easy. Instead of going for a primer, foundation and concealer, you can just take a drop of this cream and blend it well on your skin. The face gets lighted up instantly and becomes blemish free.  The creamy complexion these creams give are to die for. Let’s find out the difference between these three creams and how would you determine the best suited option for you.

BB Cream

BB creams stand for Blemish Balm or Beauty Balms. These creams are meant for dry skin and have a certain amount of SPF in them. Ideally a person uses just a drop of BB cream and it covers the entire face. But it cannot replace the sunscreen because of the quantity used on one application. Bb creams provide sheer coverage and works as a primer and foundation both at the same time. This tinted creams gives you added benefits of anti oxidants and moisture. It is lighter than foundation but certainly a bit heavier than moisturizer.

CC Cream

Cc creams stand for color correction creams. This cream is a upgraded version of BB creams. This cream works by concealing all the dark spots and giving your skin an even finish. It minimizes oil production, moisturizes your skin and contains SPF. There are many shades which are available in the market and you can choose the one best suited as per your undertone. CC creams also aid a few skin issues like swollenness or redness. They are lighter than BB creams and give better coverage.

DD Creams

DD creams are the Daily Defense creams. These creams are heavier than the BB or The CC versions. Along with color correction and sheer coverage, DD creams has anti aging properties. It moisturizes the skin and guards the skin against the harsh sun with the SPF. This cream is perfect for concealing wrinkles and fine lines. Initially, DD creams was launched as a body cream but were later adopted to improve the overall skin quality.

Well, I hope you know which cream will suit you best. You now know which one is for your skin type and which one to use for keeping the skin healthy and moisturized. Read more such updates on beauty on Like us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and please share what you like..