This was a challenging task indeed. Border&Fall has been running this insanely ambitious project to cover over 80 sari drapes in a digital anthology of India for over two years. They have been documenting various regional drapes through a short film. The Sari Series features over 80 how-to drape films, along with 3 independent films speaking to the sari’s past, present and future.

This graceful attire has been the pride of Indian women since ages and capturing over 80 shared on sari on tape is an arduous job to do. They started with two objectives in mind. Firstly they wanted to create an accessible and comprehensive cultural documentation of India’s different styles of sari draping through short film. Secondly they wanted to address a much needed perception shift of the garment.

In today’s times when people are questioning this piece of garment based on it’s relevance on the modern times, this attempt of Border&Fall is commendable. They have also made a series of independent films, commissioned by three different filmmakers to portray sari’s past, present and future. There are many who have spent their lives trying to study sari’s, their fabrics and the styles with which it can be draped. In these films, Border&Fall acknowledge all those who devoted themselves to sari. (ALSO READ Ruling The World In Sarees)

Border&Fall is a digital publication and strategic agency working across India’s craft and fashion communities. It was founded in 2013 by Malika Verma Kashyap. The Sari Series is a non profit initiative by Border&Fall to make the sari more accessible to all – as an idea, ideal, drape, textile, inspiration or otherwise.