It’s International Girls Day today and I don’t know why I feel like giving words to the attributes which make girls special. This day is for those little angels who become the synonym of love and compassion for the people around them. With the noise of fake feminism roaring every where, I think every one has lost perspective. People need to look at girls with a new found respect and that is what I am here to write about.

Today, I on behalf of SheNeeds will let the you know why girls are special. By saying that girls are special, I am not saying that boys are any less special. They are special in their own way and I am here to say why girls are so distinctive.

Their wiring is purely based on emotion.¬†Right from the time when a girl learns to express her needs, she learns to express her emotions too. Working on emotions is the best part about her. It’s not an easy task trying to manage a plethora of emotions which design and dissolve within her every minute of the day. To the world these emotions may seem bizarre at times but they make her function. How else would you justify a little girl getting up an hour early with her mother to pack her own lunch because she sees her mom is over occupied or how would you justify a woman rushing to nurse her baby in a tea break of even her busiest day. I have seen a two year old caressing her dad’s hand because it got pricked by a pin. And I have seen a thirteen year old get tears in her eyes looking at a puppy’s injured leg. Emotions make her function, right from the start, till the end of their lives.

Their compassion lies with every soul around them. It can be a little butterfly lying on the ground or her family. A girl is the one who remembers the smallest of things about the people around her. When she will notice that her father keeps his wallet inside his pocket everyday before leaving, she would remind him the day he will forget to do so. She would notice that he will be travelling and might need a few things. She would go the extra mile to make sure he has everything he needs. A little girl is like a little mother to her entire family and friends. She is meant to define love and she keeps on giving new definitions to it throughout her life. Be it the role of a daughter, of a lover, of a friend, a sister, a wife or a mother.

A girl is a blessing in every way possible because it’s not you who will teach her the sense of life. It’s her who will teach you what life is. In it’s truest possible sense she will teach you what happiness is and how you can find it in the tiniest of things. She makes you see life and love in a different light and gives you all the love she has. A girl is special from her making itself. She is special because she is the fortune you are looking for. She is special because she is what you always want to be. A girl is the most beautiful creation of god because she means sustenance of life, the life which blossoms from within her.

Today on International Girl’s Day, let’s decide to nurture all the blessing running around us dressed in pretty little frocks. Let’s decide to make a world a better place for them to live in. Let’s decide to accept their love and give them the same in return. Girls are wonderful, it’s just that you haven’t had the time to see it yet.

Happy International Girl’s Day..