Diwali is upon us and we couldn’t be more enthused to give our loved ones a token of appreciation wrapped up in love. We want our gifts to be memorable and useful at the same time and since it’s diwali we all want our gifts to look precious too. Leaving behind the cliched idea of giving a box of chocolates or dry fruits, let’s get creative this season. Let’s find a way to gift someone a memory which will last forever. You can make your gift stand out just by being creative and pouring in a little bit of your affection.

DIY Diyas

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wK_uTZU5f4c&w=560&h=315]
Diwali is all about lights and one can never go wrong with some beautiful pieces of DIY diyas. It will show your engagement in taking the time out to paint the beautiful pieces and your love in abundance. There are many videos online which can teach you how to make eye catchy glittering diyas for Diwali. Just open one of them and get started.

Sweets With A Twist


Pic credit@Dunkin’Donuts

There is no point in gifting a box full of kaju katli in a house full of kids. Make your creative side shine and find a delicious combination of imported chocolates and donuts this years. They will serve the purpose of sharing sweetness of life with the ones you adore and will also make them wait for another Diwali to receive one more creative box.

Festive Tea Hampers


Pic Credit@Smart Cooky

We all have those members in our family who are trying to go ‘Green tea’ this year. For those and for the ones who are in dire need of it, it’s the best piece. There are beautiful hampers available in the market which can make green tea hamper look like the one in ‘Koffee with karan’. You can surprise the tea lovers in your life with a specially curated Festive Tea Box featuring Rose Oolong Tea, Green Tea, Cardamom Tea, Ayurveda Herbal Tea, Honey, Cinnamon & Demerara Vanilla Sugar. To be a notch more, you can make things exotic too. You can add Green Coffee, Apple Cinnamon Infusion Tea, Quinoa Pasta, The World’s Finest Vanilla Beans from Madagascar, Infused Coconut Sugar and see the wonder.

Home Decor


Home decor has always been a part of Diwali giftings. People share the pieces which they think would go by the taste and liking of our loved ones. This Diwali instead of sticking to the usual showpiece, be a little more. Starting from small chandeliers to wall lamps, candle holders, beautiful bird cages, colorful lanterns. When the pieces you pick are this pretty, they surely would amaze your friends and family.

Aroma Diffusers


Gone is the time when people sprayed the room freshener before the guests were to arrive. It’s the time of using essential oils and an aroma diffusers. There are very delicate and beautiful aroma diffusers available in the market. They look like intricate pieces of art and when used with scented candles or essential oils, they make your home smell like heaven.

Don’t stop at these, go beyond your own expectations and surprise your loved ones with every present. Give them the things which they couldn’t have imagined because I think we have established by now that “love knows no boundaries.”