Mahatma Gandhi was a man of morals. He taught the world the power of silence. Without making any noise he created a movement all throughout our country. He used no bombs, no guns and no other means to over power his enemies. Just humble Satyagrah and the credit of freeing our country now rest in his hands. Today when the world is losing the value of morals, it’s time we think about the ones we were taught.

In every child’s childhood a day must have come when someone or the other must have quoted Mahatma Gandhi to him. ‘Kisi ne ek gaal pe thappad mara to dusra bhi age kar do, marne wale ko khud hi sharm aa jayegi’. It means that if a person slapped you on one cheek, you should very politely put forward the other one too. He will feel ashamed and will not slap you. Does this hold true even now? Well, to my knowledge this concept does not exist. If you will put forward your other cheek, you will get a slap placed on that one too.

No amount of humility is capable of making anyone feel ashamed these days. Even in the days when Bapu was alive, there were people who were saying that your voice should be a roar to be heard by the ones who are set in their own ways. There was a poem I remember from my child hood days. It said, “Kshama shobti us bhujang ko,jiske paas garal ho,uska kya jo dantheen vishheen,vineet, saral ho.‘ It means that a forgiveness is suited on a man who has the capacity to harm you. If you are harmless in every way possible then there is no use of your forgiveness. Forgiveness suits a snake who is venomous not to the one who doesn’t even have any fangs. 

If it is the demand of equal rights of a man and a woman or the huge pay gap or the situation of a tortured bahu or any other matter, it’s essential to raise your voice. It’s essential to make yourself so powerful that your forgiveness is valued. It’s essential to make yourself capable enough to retaliate and respond, just to make yourself be heard. If a person is not reacting to any injustice happening around, then his silence is taken as a token of either his acceptance or his cowardice.

Your tolerance, your forgiveness, your power to let go will only be valued if you will be in a position to destruct and destroy. It’s high time we forget the beautiful morals taught to us, it’s time we make ourselves equipped with fearlessness to teach the world a lesson. We need to find the fearlessness within ourselves to tell the people around us that we will not bear with anything you think is suitable. We, specially the women, have the right and the power to voice our opinions. So, no more dusra gal aage. When someone slaps you, you hold their hand and tell them that they have crossed the limit. You warn them not to harm you, just by the clutch you make while stopping the slap.

Quoting Ram Dhari Singh Dinkar again, “Kshama shobti us bhujang ko,jiske paas garal ho,
uska kya jo dantheen vishheen,vineet, saral ho.