In a country like India where most of the people have brown colored skin, an obsession for fair skin doesn’t seem justified. It has been observed with both men and women that the skin color instantly makes one more educated, posh and respectable. How can one judge anyone’s inside with the color of their skin?

In India the fairness creams are the biggest evidence of how obsessed we are with white and fair skin. Not just women, instant fairness creams are available for men too. Countless times people have been rejected for marriage because they are way too dark, many times the job went to the one who looked more classy with their white skin. Why can’t we see beyond the color? Beauty lies in all the colors, shapes and sizes. There is no fixed parameter which can define what beauty is. Hence it is said that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.

When India is battling many major issues, is the discrimination based on the color of the skin even important enough to discuss or highlight? Well, the answer is yes. When a change is being brought to the mindsets of people, the affects are reflected all around. Where feminism is taking a front seat, it wouldn’t be too much to ask people to behave equally not only with men and women but to every around them. No discrimination with the gender based on the color of the skin.

Here is a beautiful video for you to watch. This designer is highlighting the fact that beauty is not constricted to the fair skin. Beauty is beyond the color and can be found anywhere. Click on the link to watch the video..