Women are the super heroes in their real lives. Taking a break from a flourishing career to take care of the baby or to be with the family is not a very easy thing to do. Women are the ones who halt their sky rocketing careers to prioritize. They make sure that their priorities are properly managed and in an attempt to put every one else before them, they sometimes struggle to get back up on their feet.

Well, now companies and corp-orates have started to notice that women have the zeal to make their career’s flourish even after being a devoted mother or a wife or a daughter. The world is slowly coming to terms with the capabilities of a woman. There are organisations which are helping women find suitable options to start their career after a break. These organisations aim at providing women with all those avenues which they lost with time. Today SheNeeds is presenting to you the three most popular organisations which are helping women in growing their wings back.


With an aim to reverse the women based brain drain, a Bengaluru based entrepreneur Neha Bagaria kick started ‘Jobsforher’. Starting from catering to the women of Bengaluru, Jobs for her has reached the Pan India platform and is now serving opportunities in a platter to the women all around.

JobsForHer.com is currently seeing a traffic of almost 50,000 visitors per month with approximately 2.50 lakh monthly page-views. In just one year after it’s incorporation, JobsForHer is already associated with more than 750 companies, including Citibank, Future Group, GE, Godrej group, Kotak Mahindra Group, SnapDeal, Unilever and several other SMEs as well as startups. They offer job opportunities ranging from full-time, part-time, work-from-home, to freelance opportunities and also work with companies to provide returnee internships.


In January 2014, Sairee Chahal started the website Sheroes with a vision to build a community for women where they can find a way to restart their careers. Sheroes curates both flexible art time jobs and full time jobs and also gives women an option to work from home. They know that for any person to function to the fullest of their capabilities, they need to be satisfied in their personal and professional lives. Sheroes offers jobs for women who want to maintain a work life balance.

Sheroes has mentors for women to make them acknowledge exactly what they desire from their careers and to guide them towards the similar jobs. Numerous opportunities are listed on their website everyday and women have a plethora of options to chose from. These include opportunities with women-friendly employers, flex-friendly formats, mompreneur programmes and partnership programmes. (ALSO READ: 5 Best Work From Options For Women)


As the name suggests, Hersecondinnings is all about the women who are coming to the battle ground after a break. The vision of Hersecondinnings is not just to guide women towards a job they desire but to empower them in a true sense. This organisation offers women an opportunity to chisel their skills once again. Getting back to job after a break is not easy. There are lots of questions in a woman’s mind, with time she starts to doubt herself and her capabilities. Hersecondinnings aim at making her doubts melt. (ALSO READ: BUSINESS IDEAS FOR WOMEN)

Over 2,000 women have been accessing the portal for job options as well as for coaching to help develop their skills as well as better understand their options. There are e-coaching sessions as well, which women can attend online. Founded by Manjula Dharmalingam and Madhuri Kale in November 2014, HerSecondInnings has presence in Bengaluru and Mumbai, and offer ‘work from home’ options, temporary assignments, permanent jobs, projects and consultancy and entrepreneurial opportunities.