On the 8th Day Maa manifested as Mahagauri – The Greatest Fair One. According to legend, after Parvati completed her penance in order to be married to Shiva, her body turned black. Shiva cleansed her entire body with the waters of the River Gangs which made her complexion fair, bright and glowing and so she has been given this name.

Mahagauri Maa is prayed to for her purity and innocence and wish fulfillment generosity. On this day of Navratri as part of the celebration, 9 young girls are fed and gifted.

At a spiritual level, the ritual of feeding the 9 girls is a means to overcoming and dissolving the 9 blocks that stand between you and your childlike innocence – Guilt, Anger, Greed, Lust, Miserliness, Insecurity, Fear, Jealousy, Hatred. Annadaan  (gifting of food) is the best way to clear away karmic burdens of lifetimes that nurture the 9 blocks.

Thus, when you feed the 9 girls, whether you did fast through the 9 days or not, do so with gratitude to the little girls who have given you an opportunity to erase the blocks and connect you with your pure inner child…


Om Mahagauriyaye Namah

It means that I surrender my doubting mind, judging intellect and discriminating ego to dissolve into my childlike innocence to Romance life as it happens. This is the day where you transcend the boundaries of logic. This day you go beyond and connect with the universe and beyond. This is the day,when mind opens up to the possibility  of a larger reality, something beyond an individual’ s knowledge.

Maa Mahagauri is associated with Kanya Puja and is worshiped on the eighth day of Navratri. She is offered Coconut. It is also believed that donating Coconut to the Brahmans on this day bless childless couples with child.

Color of the Day : PINK