SheNeeds asked women to share their inspiring success stories with us. A chance to let the world know about the winner in you. Today we are presenting the story of a woman who has inspired herself to success and many others to self awareness. She calls herself ‘Your guide to you’. Here’s her story in her words…

Rewinding back to school and college days.. Always at the top whether it was academics or extra curriculars, Algebra or Hindi Nibandh Lekhan or the commentator on Sports Day, there was no area where Deepa Lilani (maiden name) wasn’t in the crème de la crème. Avid reader that she was would always be eager to know more and would fathom libraries at large. Choosing the sciences and then Biomedical Engineering was a natural choice, always wanting to choose something different. Where students would find it difficult to fathom Engineering Drawing and struggle in Mechanics, she would top the class leaving her batchmates way behind. Final year Engineering, brought in jaundice with bilirubin levels crossing 8, she was reduced to bones but never gave up. With moms nurturing and caring, she achieved University second rank in B.E. Biomedical Engineering.

All this while having a love interest who avidly supported and encouraged her every endeavour.

And then what happened: The good old days, parents knew about Medicine and Engineering fields and Graduation and Marriage became my milestones. I got married to my love Avinash Hemnani and was reborn as Meheck Hemnani at just 22… Child Marriage in today’s times.

Nevertheless, Avinash, the anchor he has always been, encouraged me to pursue my career, actually forced me to pursue management and I landed up being an MBA Finance with Marketing as minors 2 years later. A number of small businesses in next few years at the workfront and numerous ups and downs and a handsome young boy at home, all happened in the next 3 years.

With motherhood came lots of responsibility and an added extension of me. Lots of things that I could do earlier I wasn’t able to. Staying away all day at work was a challenge with the motherhood strings pulling me back home. So all my businesses went over on automode and I became a full time mom. The era of online moms support groups had not yet begun and I as a mum and a wife made lots of mistakes on personal and work front landing up in a depressed heartbroken stage for almost 3 months. With the super support of my parents and brother and a doting sister in law, I ventured into a completely new field for me, Teaching. I chose my favorite subject Math – Operations Research, Business Statistics.

I would recollect in college days my group of friends never took tuitions as we would teach each other and study in groups. Not forgetting to mention all my friends – the MET Close Knit Gang – who would always mention I would be a superb teacher or lawyer and I would brush aside their comments saying I don’t want to torture anyone and get targeted by comments and negative criticism. My sister in law Myrra helped be break that block and I ventured into teaching at business schools. It was as if the institutes were just waiting for me. I just asked a friend and got a visiting faculty post at GKNIMS Khalsa college. I went to my almamater MET Institute of Management and was welcomed; IES, Chetnas CIMR, and others followed.

It was the best phase of my life teaching at numerous business schools at my time convenience and flexibility managing my son’s routines and classes. And should I say the profession I dreaded the most I was enjoying it to the core. It has been 10 years of teaching now and my student ratings never fell below 4.3/5 and they bonded so well with me over sessions that were fun and jokes and me as the beautiful terror. I felt as if I had made a mistake in choosing the right career field for me (Biomedical Engineering), I was made to be a teacher and a counsellor. I was at the pinnacle of my life.

Nevertheless I didn’t know there were more skies to scale. As my little boy grew and competitive pressures seeped in, the teacher in me started teaching him and expecting perfection just as all moms and teacher moms do. Oh my whole class of sixty, 22 year olds couldn’t frazzle me how much this one little 7 year old could. Where on professional fronts I would excel as a teacher, I would fail every single day as a mother teaching her little one.

Looking for answers everywhere, colleague professors, fellow moms, parents and also at the back of my mind having the notion that I need to provide good guidance to my child, something I felt my parents couldnt give, I met Mr. Ranadive director of Brain Caliber- Dermatoglyphic Analysis. The extremely logical and practical person that I was, sat for the analysis of my son, myself and husband with a lot of introspection and a dagger in hand. I was so ready to floor him…. But the results were so astonishingly accurate that I got floored myself. With the tips and techniques shared I won over my professional and personal life both as a mom and a wife back in less than 6 months.

This was the height of the pinnacle and with no looking back I took forth the course in DMI analysis so I could share this newly found tool with family, friends and students. An Engineering Graduate with honors and did Masters in Psychology with super support from my husband, son and entire family, was reborn as Meheck Hemnani – Your guide to you. Its been 5 beautiful years reaching out and touching lives of innumerable people, conducting workshops, guiding them to achieve what I could with my relations.Guiding students not only with my experiential knowledge in management and business but also assessing their personalities and their best fit, helped them achieve their personal goals. Affiliations with Red FM for social etiquette workshops at schools and working with ADAPT to support their children in inclusion are few experiences I cannot express in words.

My website will share with you feelings of number of souls whose lives were touched and inner conflictswere resolved be it in the area of parenting, career or relationship guidance. I thank God today for choosing me to be the one for this task.

A take away from my life till date :  Be open to Newness, Be flexible and yes be vulnerable, sometimes what we resist the most opens the best doors.