Every new mother gets goosebumps when she holds her baby in her arms for the first time. She is clueless about everything and doesn’t know how to proceed. In India it is easier as there are family members who bombard you with suggestions on the ways to take care of your little one. But this boon very soon becomes a complication when everything you hear for the initial few days is advise. You don’t know which one to adopt and which one to ignore.

The doctors ask you to follow their instructions but it becomes a havoc when these instructions are questioned based upon the past experiences of our parents or our close ones. To avoid all the confusion and to make things as bright as the sun itself, we are here to tell you that parenting has evolved tremendously in past 7-10 years. The ways with which handle a new born, the vaccination routines, the traditional practices are all different. Just for instance these days in all the metros, the child’s can be given honey as ‘ghutti’ within the first few hours of their birth. The doctors go crazy at the thought of giving your child anything except breastmilk and the parents create a drama at the thought of breaking an age old tradition. They get worried who the child might resemble when he grows up. Well, they might be like their mother and father and it’s acceptable.

Today SheNeeds is bringing to you the do’d and don’t for newborns.. You can thank us later..


  • Sanitize your hands before handling the baby. Make sure the guests who pick them up sanitize as well.
  • Ask no one to kiss the baby as their immunity is too low right after birth.
  • The baby should be fed only breastmilk or the initial six months.
  • If mother’s milk is not sufficient, try using the pumping methods or ask the lactation expert for medicines which improve the breastmilk flow. Ask your parents for advice here on the home remedies for the same.
  • Make sure you feed after every two hours or as per demand.
  • If the baby is still getting insufficient milk, consult the doctor and start the formula. NOT COW’S MILK. The baby might not drink regular cow’s milk when he grows up is not the right reason to give him cow’s milk.
  • Burp you baby after every feed. If you don’t hear the burp, make sure that you keep the baby upright with the head supported for 10-15 minutes.
  • During the first three days the yellowish sticky colostrum is released from the breast,it’s the magic potion your child very desperately needs. It is essential and should be given to the child at any cost.¬†(ALSO READ: Breastfeeding Myths)
  • get the vaccination chart made and keep it safe. If your child goes abroad for higher studies, he might need it.
  • It’s normal for a baby to poop every time you give them milk. In the initial days the poop is green and it’s nothing to worry about.
  • Alert the doctor if your baby doesn’t poop or pees for more than 5 hours. He might need some medical attention.
  • The umblical cord falls off on it’s own in 7-14 days. No medicines are required to make it fall off.
  • Coconut oil is the best for a child’s massage as it contains all the vitamin and minerals. You can also opt for avocado oil, ghee, malai or olive oil. You can start the massage a week after birth.
  • Newborns can be given bath everyday. Make sure that the water is luke warm and it almost noon.
  • Generally babies develop jaundice after the 2nd day of life. It reaches it’s peak when the baby is 5-7 days of life. A doctor’s consultation is a must on 5th -7th day of life.
  • It’s normal for a baby girl’s vagina to have some discharge. Don’t be alarmed.
  • Always wipe your baby’s privates from front to back. You don’t want the vagina to be infected.
  • If the baby is not feeding for more than 8 hours, has discolored skin(is turning pale from pink or a blue hint is visible on the skin) Please rush to the doctor. You baby needs medical attention immediately.
  • You can use a diaper, nothing will happen to your baby’s skin. Just make sure that you give their skin enough breathing time.


  • Newborn babies don’t need grip water for digestion. They are straight out of their factories and their systems are not cluttered with pizza and pasta. Burping properly will do the trick.
  • Don’t give your baby anything except breastmilk or formula milk.
  • Don’t feed your baby for more than 20-25 minutes.
  • Don’t give any medicines or home remedies without the doctor’s consultation.
  • Don’t put kajal. Avoid using powder in the folds for skin like neck, armpits, buttocks.
  • Avoid using synthetic clothes as they might cause an allergic reaction. Use cotton instead, they are comfortable and let’s the baby’s skin breathe.
  • It’s normal for a baby’s breast to be enlarged. It’s because of the mother’s hormones. Don’t squeeze them at any cost. They might lead to a very severe infection.

Your baby is precious and you as parents know what is best for your baby. Always consult the doctor if you are in a confusion. And if we have forgotten some pointers, let us know..