All of us are celebrating and enjoying Navratri in our own way. Some of us have brought Maa Durga to our homes, some of us are the enthusiastic dancers on the Garba nights, some of us are fasting, some of us are cooking different bhogs and prasads for our Goddess to be pleased, some are setting up beautiful Golu, some make bathukamma a floral arrangement. We click pictures to make them our memories. Those clicks last a lifetime and at every glance they give us immense happiness.

Today SheNeeds is presenting a contest for you all. Share your festivities with us and let us know how you are celebrating the nine nights of the feminine. Share your joy, your dressed up pictures or the pictures of your food or the puja or any picture that captures the festive spirit. We would be delighted to know what this festival means to you. Share the memories you are making because we would like to be a part of your wonderful world.

The winners would get a chance to win movie tickets to their favorite movie.

Here are the rules:

  • Join the group SheNeeds (
  • Add Atleast 5 women who you think celebrate Navratri with the same enthusiasm as yours
  • Share the picture of your Navratri festivities on the Group ‘SheNeeds’
  • Contest ends on Vijay dashmi i.e 30 September 2017 10 p.m