Durga is celebrated on the 6th day of Navratri as Maa Katyayani.

There was a great sage named Katya who is said to have done strict penance in order to have Devi come to him as a daughter. Pleased with his penance Maa arrived as his daughter. She has been named Katyayani meaning Daughter of Katya.

It is believed that Maa Katyayani blesses the unmarried girls with marriage, by removing all obstacles.

On a spiritual level, meditating upon the energies of Katyayani Maa brings you into balance and completion. You experience being whole and complete within yourself. And within this space of being, you attract a wholesome relationship of togetherness.


Om Katyayaniaye Namah 

It means that I surrender my doubting mind, judging intellect and discriminating ego to dissolve into recognizing and being whole and complete and balanced.

Katyayni Maa represents the Agya Chakra. This is the day of clarity and awareness. Today’s meditation is to protect yourself from negativity and negative people and let go traumas stored in the sub conscious. You also get the realization that no one and nothing can bring harm to you.

On this day ,Honey is offered as Bhog to please the Goddess. This helps to make the devotee charming and attractive.People who have problems from Mars or who have problems in their marriage should definitely worship Maa on this day.

You should:

  • Donate red clothes.
  • Donate rice and food in general to poor laborers .
  • Worship Maa while being seated on a red mat.


Color of the Day : RED

A perfect color theme for any Hindu festival in India that signifies power and brightness.