Maa appears in the 5th form as Skandamata – The Mother of Skanda (Kartekaya).
As Skandamata she represents Divine Knowledge. Divine Knowledge is neither what we fill into our minds to confuse us, nor is it what we fill in our intellect to teach us judgement and definitely not what we fill into our ego to teach us discrimination.
Divine Knowledge is that which empties us, breaks our limiting belief systems, leads us into faith and self awareness. It is what makes us one with the infinite, it empties us to be filled with ecstacy. It blossoms acceptance that blooms into unconditional love.
Accepting and being in awareness of the knowledge of divinity is what Skandamata represents. This Knowledge breaks all bondage and frees us from our own binding selves.


Om Skandamatayayi Namah
It means that I surrender my doubting mind, judging intellect and discriminating ego to dissolve into divine knowledge that makes me hollow and empty to come into awareness of who I am.
Maa Skandamata represents the Vishuddhi Chakra. Today the ruling color is Blue and the meditation is to realize your own important place in the universe without comparing yourself with anyone. You had cultivated confidence the previous day and threw away fear. Today is the day to meditate your own importance in the universe and find inner solitude and peace.
Maa Skandmata is pleased by offering Banana as Bhog . Offering Banana keeps the devotee physically healthy.
Donate 7 types of Wheat on this day to poor pre- pubescent girls after praying to Maa.
Color of the Day :  white