On attaining her union with Shiva, Ma Brahmacharini came into the form of Chandraghanta. Her form as the wife of Shiva (Parvati).

In this form Chandraghanta Ma represents the strength and courage of Shakti as a wife and mother. She is given the name Chandraghanta as she has a bell – shaped half moon on her head. This bell when rung is so loud that it scares away all evil. She is pure and radiant, and yet when the need arises she allows her anger to ward away all the negativity.

As Maa Chandraghanta, she reminds us that silently tolerating injustice and any type of violence is cowardice. Use your voice against all evil. Be courageous and be strong. Protect your inner child. As a wife she represents prosperity and abundance. Life is about the balance between your physical manifestation and spiritual journey. She represents the balance and the ecstasy which comes from within.


Om Chandraghantayayi Namah

It means that I surrender my doubting mind, judging intellect and discriminating ego to dissolve cowardice and weakness, to protect my inner child courageously and attract prosperity and abundance to enjoy my journey in this body.

Maa Chandraghanta represents the Manipura Chakra or swadhisthan. One should concentrate on the this Chakra while chanting Maa’s mantra. It will help to purify ones thoughts and actions. Meditation today is on purity and clearing away mental clutter and obstacles.


On the third day,Milk Sweets made of milk or Kheer is offered as a bhog to Ma Chandraghanta. This frees the person of all his pains and receives extreme joy and happiness.

Donate rice to poor pre-pubescent girls.

Color of the Day : GREY

The color for this day is grey, as Maa Chandraghanta is associated with bravery and courage to fight evil.