In the daily lives where women don’t even get time to wash their hair twice a week, it gets difficult for them to look after the things which have been neglected by almost every women for many years. These days as the complexity of our lives is increasing, the infections and diseases are increasing at par too. Vaginas are meant to be self cleaning.

Like our digestive system, which contains “friendly” gut bacteria, our vaginas also have this”friendly” bacteria which produces an acid known as lactic acid. This acid maintains the optimum hygiene of your vagina. But when this acidic environment is disturbed, vaginas become the abode of bacteria.

Just washing your vagina every day with water doesn’t do the trick then. The water which we are using to wash our vaginas is not filtered, the toilets we use are not properly cleaned, the latex used in the condoms might disturb the acidic environment and many more such factors are contributing towards poor vaginal health of women.

Today SheNeeds is bringing to you some tips to maintain proper vaginal hygiene.

  • Gunk, urine and sweat gets deposited in the folds of a vagina in the form of a yellowish or whitish smegma. For proper cleaning of a vagina, you need to use a PH balanced intimate wash. Be very gentle while cleaning the folds and make sure you cover them all. you can use the wash during your menstrual days too.
  • After peeing, use a PH balanced unscented feminine wipe to clean your vagina. It will prevent the itching and odor.
  • While using a wipe, always wipe from front to back to prevent bacteria of the anus from entering the vagina.
  • Trim your pubic hair from time to time. They catch all the unnecessary sweat and become the house for bacteria breeding.
  • Wear cotton panties because cotton absorbs the sweat and helps in preventing unnecessary infection outbreaks.

Always consult a gyneac if you feel that there is odd smell, any discharge from the vagina. Itching, blisters, irritation and burning should also be checked because they might be because of a urinary tract infection. Maintaining proper vaginal hygiene will reduce the chances of you getting any infection down there. But still if anythings crops up, consult a doctor.