It’s a mother’s nightmare to see something wrong happening to her child in front of her eyes. Many a times it happens to the parents that their children start choking on the tiniest of things which they serve as food. Many children swallow some things which get stuck in their throats and doesn’t let them breathe.

In a situation like this if a parent starts to panic the matter can go out of hand. It takes just few minutes for a little child to get choked and run out of oxygen. For any unforseen situations, parents must know that they don’t need to panic and they need to give their child the first aid he needs to breathe again.

Today SheNeeds brings t the right ways you can help your child if he chokes.


If your child is too small, then you need to know that you can’t apply the forceful techniques. If your baby chokes there are some gentle ways with which you can make his breath normal.

  • Pick your child up and turn their back towards you. Rest their chest on your fore arm.
  • Slant their head and make sure that it is lower than their chest. Hold their jaw with your palm to support their head.
  • Now use your other hand to give firm slaps on their shoulder blades.
  • If your child is still not able to breathe, then turn him back and place their chest on your thigh. Lower the head, place two fingers in the middle of the chest and give a few thirsts.
  • Turn them back again and follow with the slaps on the back.
  • Do these steps till the time the object is visible to you for removal or till the time your baby spits the object.


Toddlers And Kids Over One Year

  • Stand right behind your child and place your arms around their waist.
  • Make a fist with your hand which is holding their stomachs. Place it above the navel, right below their rib cage.
  • Gasp your fist with a quick motion and thrust inwards and upwards.
  • Follow with a back slap. The slap should be upwards too because you want the object to come out.



When a child starts to choke there is very little time for you to think and take action. Always perform CPR and take expert advise. In every major hospital CPR training are given to parents for any such unforeseen happenings. Talk to your doctor in advance and learn the right techniques firsthand. Although the things mentioned above are advised by doctors yet they should be considered as opinions.