9 Foods You Can Make This Navratri To Keep Your Energy Levels Up

The nine religious day of Navratri are upon us. We all will welcome Goddess Durga in our homes and will pray to her for prosperity and well being. All the nine days are dedicated to nine avatars of Goddess Durga and people observe fast during those days to honor the nine auspicious days.

We all know how complicated it is to observe fast for nine days. Foods which are meant for the purpose of fasting get digested very quickly and the energy levels of the person who is fasting tend to drop. Today SheNeeds is bringing to you nine different recipes for nine days of Navratri. These foods will give you a boost in energy and will not let you starve.

In Navratri people eat food which doesn’t absorb negative energy. People give up non-vegetarian food, alcohol, garlic, onion and grain. Here are the recipes which are perfectly suited for fast and are easy to make.

Sabudana Khichdi

Sabudana or sago is full of starch and carbohydrates. When you eat it during fasts, it gives you a boost in energy. You can add few groundnuts and mild spices to make your dish a bit more relish able.


Singhade Ke Ate Ka Samosa

Who told you that you can’t feast because you are fasting. These delicious snacks made with chestnut flour are an absolute delight for Navratri. You can eat them as snacks with tea in the evening without compromising your fast.


Makhana Kheer

Deserts are always a delicacy, no matter if you have a six course meal or you fast. You can make this delicious kheer with makhana and nuts to keep your energy levels up all day. A little bit of sugar will lift up your spirits.


Pedewali Lassi

Pedas are a good way to make you feel like you had a stomach full of food. While fasting curd is also one of the ingredient which is a ‘must have’. Curd has all the nutrition which you need and it will aid your digestion too. What a treat it would be when pedas and curd will come together in the form of lassi.



After fasting for a few days we start to miss the general blend of spices we eat everyday. To give your taste buds a change from all the fasting food, here is a recipe of kadhi which you can make with Rajgira ata.


Kuttu Ka dosa

Yes, you can treat yourself with dosa too. Here instead of rice you have to use kuttu ka ata. Kuttu ata can be eaten while fasting and you can make this easy dosa for lunch or dinner. It will give you nutrition and will make you feel full for longer.


Banana Walnut Lassi

Bananas are wholesome food. They contain all the nutrition you can get from a full course meal. Combined with walnuts you can get complete nutrition.


Varai Pulao

Varai pulao is a main course which you can prepare this Navratri. Varai or samo is easily available in all the grocery stores and are very easily digestible. It is also full of nutrition and can give you a good energy spike.


Moong Dal Payassam

Moong dal is one of the most nutritious dal which we can add to our diets. While fasting our bodies run low on protein as we give up all the grains.


We hope these foods will make your fasting a little bit easier. Sheneeds wishes you good health and fortune this Navratri.

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