We all are emotionally driven people. We feel sad when we hear about someone’s pain and suffering. While some of us are blessed with a fulfilling life, some of us struggle to get through it.  When we see someone suffering, we go out of our way to help them. Even when our pockets don’t allow us to donate, we jiggle our hands inside and we donate whatever we find.

The only feeling which drive us to donate is the feeling to help someone in need. When god has given us the blessing to be able to help someone, then we don’t want to restrict ourselves. We want to help as many as we can with as much as we can. Unfortunately, there are people in today’s cruel world who don’t hesitate to play with the emotions of his fellow beings. Our compassion gets played with, our feelings to donate get mocked and we end up feeling cheated for a cause which was supposed to give us immense satisfaction. One such incident came to light and has shook us to the core.

Here’s What Happened

Managing a group of around 70,000 women is not easy for a single soul. Yet a lady, full of compassion came to light to guide her virtual friends through the daily issues of life. Working 18 hours a day, Shalu R Varadkar does everything in her power to empower women and to make the world a better place to live.

One day she was contacted through an sms to help a little child Pratiksha who was fighting for life and was in dire need of money for a skull surgery. She ignored the request because she is aware of the fact that there are many scammers who misuse people’s compassion to make money. Two days later, she was again contacted for the same cause. This time it was through a genuine fund raising website Impact Guru and she considered it because it came from an authentic source.


Being a mother herself, she understands how precious life is. In the past she never raised funds except for a small orphanage. She has involved her network with the orphanage and she openly asks her network to donate for the cause she supports. The network which she has built over the years with her persistent hard work. This time too, when the request came through a genuine fund raising website, she decided to go ahead and raise funds to help a little child in need.

She is blessed to have a network where people have immense trust vested in her. She announced it on her group that a child needs help and we as a family have the power to make anything happen. Mommies from all around the world poured in their help and raised INR 16500 in a matter of 4 hours. She was surprised to see the power of unity but was unaware that a shock was coming her way.

One of the members of the MW group sent her a message saying that the same image has been shared by a news agency from Thailand where a father was playing with her daughter and she was accidentally injured. Ms. Varadkar sprung to action as she already raised money which people donated blindly. Firstly, she informed the fund raising authorities about the fake campaign and lodged a complaint with the cyber crime cell. She also made sure that every single penny should be refunded to the contributors and went to cops to know what else can be done to support the mommies and against the fraudster. Her husband was her biggest support as he guided her through all the procedures when she was emotionally shook up. Although her friends suggested otherwise and asked her to stay away from the legal complications, she still went ahead and raised a voice against the scammers.

The fund raising website was alarmed too and they instantly investigated the matter. The company informed Ms. Varadkar that the fund raising request of Baby Pratiksha was approved on humanitarian grounds and the paper work was yet to be done. The scammer started the campaign to raise 5 lacks and his fund raiser was suspended within 12 hours with a MW member’s support. The fund raising company apologized to Ms. Varadkar because people vested their trust in her, just like she vested her trust in their brand and it’s genuine requests.

The company has managed to refund the entire amount which was raised to help Baby Pratiksha. Ms. Varadkar had sleepless nights because she felt guilty of falling prey to a request which misused and mocked her emotions. A lady who is on the internet for 18 hours a day is very well aware of the scams and frauds which happen around the world. She was vigilant and speculative. Yet she was scammed and she trusted something which looked so genuine.

This is Ms. Varadkar’s request to all the kind hearted people. It’s a warning to save your hard earned money. Please, be very careful while donating money to someone online. Just a random google search will reveal many details. Search about the authenticity of the website on which the link for raising funds has been published. Reverse search the picture which has been attached to the fund raiser. Reverse search will let you know all the places in which the image is published.

See all the conversations Ms. Varadkar had with the scammer. Read how a person who sounds so genuine turns out to be a con.

Please be vigilant while donating the money online. It’s a virtual world where you don’t meet anyone in person. So it requires a little extra effort on your part to know the authenticity of the things and the people you are trusting. But unfortunately if you still find yourself trapped in a scam, don’t hesitate to raise a voice. Speak Up and take action because the scammer will scam someone else after he is done taking your money.

You can visit the news website where the news of the girl’s injury was published by clicking right here.

Stay Safe..