Every passing day, the air outside our homes get polluted a little more. The air smog is constantly on the rise and we all can see the sudden rise in respiratory diseases. People are suffering fro acute respiratory illnesses majorly because there is no clean air to breathe. Today SheNeeds is bringing to you some tips to clean the air of your house.

Stop Buying The Poor Quality Dhoop and Incense Sticks

We don’t want to spend a whole lot from our monthly budgets to buy the regular pooja materials. But we need to know that the cheap or the poor quality dhoop or agarbattis are made up of harmful chemicals and they pollute the air of our house even more.┬áTip: Instead of burning dhoop and agarbatti, buy Hawan Samagri which is made up of different barks. Buy purified kapoor or camphor and use it to burn the hawan samagri. Do it one a month and that is enough to cleanse the aura of your house.

Buy A Air Purifier

Air purifier is not an expense these days, it is an investment. The air of the house is drastically cleaned by a good quality air purifier. You can save some money and install an air purifier. The constant irritability of the respiratory tract and the regular episodes of sneezing You don’t need to will subside eventually.

Hire A Cleaner

The dust particles sitting on the artifacts you have bought over the years is one of the major reasons for the air of your house to be polluted. It’s a hassle to clean the outside and the inside of all the showpieces. To make your job a little easier, hire a cleaner. Pay them good and ask them to clean each and every corner of your house. So clean, that when you switch on the fan, there should be no dust particles travelling from the table top to your nostrils.

For Fragrance Essential Oil Lamps

You don’t need to spray those artificial fragrances in your home to make it fragrant. Although there are many brands available in the market but nothing is more natural than the essential oils. You can buy a oil diffuser lamp and can order some essential oils. You can choose your own fragrance and your home will never have a bad smell.

Trick For The Ac

If your entire house is centrally Ac or if you switch the Ac on just for the night, a big wet towel can be a great trick to humidify and clean the air. In every room where AC is operational for many hours in a day, you can put a big wet towel on the table top to soak in all the dryness and air dust.

Buy These Specific Indoor Plants

Plants play the most important role in purifying the air. During the process of Photosynthesis, they take in carbon dioxide and release oxygen. The microbes present in the soil also help in cleaning than air. The plants inside your homes give you a fresh feel and create a positive environment. For planting inside you can consider, Garden Mum, Spider Plant, Dracaena, Weeping Fig, Peace lily, Boston Fern, Snake Plant, Bamboo Plam and many more.