If love was to be defined then the feeling of a mother should be portrayed on a piece of paper. The scribbling which would be written will be close to what love is.

The bond of a mother and a child is precious. She starts loving her little one since the day she gets to know that she will be a mother. Through her entire pregnancy she loves her child without even looking at his face. She connects with his feel and her immense emotions gives the child the warmth for his entire life in the form of breast milk.

A Chennai based mom is now turning the precious drops of breast milk into beautiful jewelry. Preethy Vijay,  is a true artist who turns breastmilk into stunning jewelry and you would be surprised to see how wonderful it looks. 30 year old Preethy who is a mother of a six year old daughter got this wonderful idea of turning breast milk into memories for life. She now makes earrings, rings, pendants and other jewelry from breast milk.

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In an interview with The News Minute she said, “As I have been making polymer clay jewelry besides doing other clay work for four to five years, I thought why not explore this”.

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You won’t believe that Preethy had nothing but the internet to learn the art of making such marvelous pieces. She said, “”There are quite a few techniques that are available online but they don’t work actually. Firstly, milk is perishable and the color of the jewelry can change . And you can only see the exact result after a month or more of making the piece.”

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Turning Breast milk into jewelry needed some chemistry. She needed to make it last long without damaging it. So, she turned to some friends for help and took almost six months in mastering the art. Now she has started taking orders through her facebook page.

Her page is called Mamma’s Milky Love and she has a wonderful collection. Once you order she instructs you about how you can send the breast milk to her. She has customers from different states who send her milk. The milk gets a little spoiled sometimes but it’s fine to make some pretty jewelry with.  “It won’t be fit to feed a baby, but you can make jewelry from it. Once I get it, I add preservatives and store it in the freezer where it can stay for nearly six months,” she says.

Sometimes she gets requests to make keepsakes using hair, umbilical cord and child’s tooth too. Have a look:

toothimage hairimage tooth

Isn’t her art unique. Her pieces range from Rs. 1000-4000 based on the complexity and she gets a great business by selling these master pieces as keepsakes and jewelry.

“Breast feeding is an emotional bond that a mother and her child share in the baby’s first few years. Most people buy this jewelry just to cherish that bond forever. I sometimes feel bad that I couldn’t do something similar for myself,” she says.

All images courtesy: Preethy Vijay