Discipline is important for every child but at the cost of what? Beating up a child in an attempt to teach him something good is pointless because your way of teaching will make sure that he never learns what you intend to teach.

This 3 yeal old from Pune got brutally beaten up by his tuition teacher. The parents lodged a complaint and the police has arrested the tuition teacher named Bhagyashri Pillay.

Senior inspector, Ajay Chandkhede told the police, “On Monday the boy had gone to Pillay’s house. When his parents returned home, they saw that the face of the boy had swollen badly. When they asked the boy, he told them that the teacher hit him with wooden scale on his hand, back and head.

pune child

In a report by Pune mirror, the senior police inspector said, “We are in the process of registering the complaint. The sections that need to be applied will be decided after the entire statement is taken. It is too soon to say anything given that we have to still hear the entire story from the family. We also need to speak to the tuition teacher they are making these allegations against and hear his side.”

You can see by the image that the child was not shown any mercy. We as parents and teachers need to understand that thrashing is not the right way to teach a child. You are harming his self esteem, his confidence and his learning capabilities for life.

Dr Hetal Desai opines, “Spanking including slapping, beating, etc. leaves negative imprints on the subconsious mind of the child of any age. The event or incident is registered as a negative trauma in the mind and it effects are felt throughout life, every time the negative memory gets triggered. Implications cold be from developing fears, low-self esteem, anger, hatred, stammering, Passive aggressive behaviour and much more.”

We hope that the authorities take strict action against the teacher and this little one heals soon.