Navratri is just a week away and you must be prepared for all the garba sessions you will be doing. Along with the celebration you would also be fasting for nine days and it is going to be a little tough for your body to cope up with the sudden onset of fasting. Before you begin your faith based fast you need to know the proper meaning of what fasting is. You just don’t need to refrain from eating all day, you also have to practice the state of meditativeness. It means that you have to keep yourself at bay from all the anger, irritability and focus on the blessing called life. You have to feel Maa Durga’s grace in every breath you take and that would be fasting in it’s true sense.

Today SheNeeds is bringing to you some brilliant tips to prepare yourself for the process of fasting for this navratri. You can start following these tips a week before Navratri and you see the difference in your fasts during the nine nights of Nav Durga.

Regulate Your Sleep Patterns

If you are up till late at night and sleep till late, then it’s time for you to change your habits. Sleep patterns are very much in connection with our energy levels. If a person takes a sound sleep of six to eight hours then his body restores his energy levels and use the stored fat to provide the nutrition to your deprived body. So a week before Navratri, start sleeping by 10 at night and get up early in the morning. This way your metabolism will improve and you will feel much more energetic during your fasts.

Visit Your Doctor

There are many people for whom fasting is not appropriate. Some people suffer from diabetes and their blood sugar levels drop to a dangerous level while fasting. Some suffer from hyper acidity and they get acid reflexes in the first few hours of fasting. So, it’s best that you visit your doctor and get yourself thoroughly checked before deciding to take up fasting this Navratri. The doctor will check your blood sugar level, your blood pressure and your entire lipid profile to determine if fasting will have an adverse affect on your body or not.

Prepare To Detox

Sharad Navratri fall at a time when the weather is shifting from hot to cold. Mostly during these Navratris the weather is humid and it’s the best time for anyone to detoxify their body. You can start the process of detoxifying a week earlier so that you feel less lethargic in the absence of food during those nine days of fasting. For detoxifying your body start having something bitter atleast once in a day. You can have a small glass of bitter guard juice or amla juice. These will cleanse your liver and it will work better. You should start focusing more on fruits, salads, vegetables and curd. (ALSO READ: Yoga; Asanas To Begin With)

Say Bye Bye To Sugar

Sugar is the only thing which give you a very quick boost of energy and it will suddenly drain and you will end up craving for more. So, in order to avoid these episodes of high and low energy you should slowly reduce your consumption of sugar over a week or two before Navratri. When you will start eating healthy your body will respond much better to the detoxifying process.

Drink Plenty Of Fluids

Water is like a boon for life. While fasting water is the only thing which doesn’t let the body get dehydrated. Tea and Coffee are the things which make your body loose water. So, while fasting it is advised to lessen the intake of tea and coffee and to increase the intake of water. As an alternative you can opt for coconut water because it has all the natural electrolytes which will keep your energy levels up all throughout the day. Start this practice a week before so that it becomes your habit by the time Navratri starts.

Switch from Gymming To Yoga And Meditation

In Navratri your body will not have energy to cope up with a full work out session in the gym. However a session of yoga is helpful in keeping yourself active all throughout the day. You can learn a few asanas in a week’s time if you are not aware of Yoga. Start practicing meditation as well because it will help you in concentrating more on goodness in life. For meditation you don’t have to take any classes. You just have to find a peaceful room in your house, sit, close your eyes and notice your breath. Let the thought come and go. All you need to do is to notice your breath. Thank us later. (ALSO READ: Know What’s Yoga)

We hope that these tips will make your fasts during Navratri much more liberating. Not eating all day and thinking about food is not the way a fast is done. To do it right follow the above tips and start them a week before to do them efficiently in those nine days of Nav Durga.