After the horrifying incident of a little boy’s throat being slit in the Ryan Internationals school of Gurugram, the schools all around our country have started taking some actions to ensure the security of their students. CCTV’s are being installed, ids are being made, new circulars regarding the security changes are being made public yo assure the parents that their child is in safe hands.

Where the entire nation is moving towards betterment of schools, Ryan International and it’s branches are oblivious to change. They are not even moving a pebble. A few parents from Faridabad decided to raid the Faridabad branch of Ryan international and you would be shocked to know what they found.

The parents announced their findings on a Facebook page and they are shocking. They found out that the school had many security loopholes.

1. A sweeper was caught completely drunk in morning time
2. Register shows that there has been no police verification or even their ID address proofs were missing
3. There were no female attendants on school toilets and very dirty too
4. Bus drivers, conductors and other support staff is allowed to roam in school campus without any verfications
5. CCTV were not working

The parents shot a video where they are arguing with the school authorities for such poor management even after a student was murdered in one of their own branches.

Ryan INternational School Gurugram had a released a statement on the murder on Saturday – “Following the tragic incident at our school yesterday, Ryan International authorities have taken up the review of security measures at the school seriously. All necessary improvements and measures are being audited and reinforced with the help of experts. We are also seeking advice from the Police department to guide us in this regard. While we are all in great shock and grief at the loss of life of our beloved student, we are taking these steps simultaneously to ensure vigorous safety measures in place for all our students and staff. We are closely working with the investigating authorities so that we could be guided further with their expertise.”

Parents are now scared to send their children to school till the time they are assured that their children are in safe hands.

SheNeeds requests the center and the state governments to regulate schools in such a manner that these crimes don’t come anywhere near their vicinity. The security mandates should be updated periodically and random audits should be compulsory.