Giving birth to a child is as much a blessing as it is stressful. A new mother sacrifices lots of things to adjust her new one into the world and to adjust herself into the complexities of being a mother. After the initial wrecking days of sleeplessness and exhaustion, there comes a time when a mother finds herself swaying between the decision of quitting her job or resuming it.

The decision of leaving a new born at home and resuming work is one of the hardest decision of a woman’s life. But since women need to balance both their lives, they work and keep their careers going. As the days of resuming work close in, the woman gets filled with immense guilt. She feels like she is abandoning a part of herself for her own selfish motives. She struggles to keep herself strong and that’s all motherhood is all about.

Today SheNeeds is bringing to you some tips and tricks which can help you in resuming work post delivery.

  • Don’t let guilt slide in. You know it in your heart that you are making the right decision to go back to work. Swaying between the two boats will only make it harder for you to manage both the ends. Guilt will give you stress and you will neither be able to enjoy your time with your child nor will you be able to concentrate on your work.
  • Continue to Breastfeed. Joining a job doesn’t mean that you have to quit breastfeeding. These days there are many things which can help you in breastfeeding your baby even after resuming your work. Buy a breast pump and the bottles in which you can store your milk. Breast milk if stored properly in a refrigerator doesn’t go bad for 24 hours and if frozen doesn’t spoil for more than 6 months.
  • Find a quiet space in your office where you can pump every two hours. Mostly mothers join after three months of their delivery. Since the breastmilk supply is increases as per the baby’s growth, it’s the time when it keeps flowing. Store it all because these drops are the heavenly growth potion for your child.
  • Always keep handy snacks in your handbag. A box of oatmeal cookies or a small packet of nuts won’t be a trouble to carry and they will help you in keeping up your milk supply.
  • Get ready to be amazed by yourself. When a woman joins her job after she has handled a baby for a few months, she gets surprised to see her brilliant management skills. It proves that no job is harder than taking care of a new born.
  • Don’t try to do it all. We know that it’s a motherly instinct to be there for a new born but to manage all the other household chores along with your job can be very stressful for a new mother. Delegate your work. If you don’t have any family member to help around, then hire help.
  • Power Naps Are Miraculous. For a mother who is juggling work and baby, power naps are like blessings. You can rest your eyes for a few minutes and find yourself recharged for a few more hours.
  • Since you will be having someone who will take care of your baby, you have to make sure that your baby gets milk at the right time. Install cctv cameras at home and keep watching the footage of your baby if you plan to hire a nanny.
  • If you choose a daycare for your child, make sure that it is very close to your office. You can check in on your baby whenever you get a break. Ask them to provide you constant access to cctv footage till the the time your child is in there.
  • Leave a used piece of cloth for your child. Your baby recognizes you by smell and your touch. He doesn’t know you by face. For him to be calm even in your absence, you should leave your used tshirt. It’s smell will make him feel that you are nearby. Ask your baby’s caretaker to cover your child with your tshirt as he will have a sound sleep knowing that you are around.
  • Go easy on yourself. Yes, you will mess up many a times. You will take a little bit of practice in raising a child and managing work both at the same time. Don’t over stress your self if you do a few mistakes here and there. Shame and despair haven’t helped anyone.

We hope that these tips will help you in managing your career and your motherhood a little easily. Do let us know if you have some tips to share too. We’ll add them here with due credits.

Happy Parenting!!