Out of all the species god created, women are the busiest I suppose.  They have all the right habits of waking up early, working out their calories in one way or the other but still they health seems to be their last priority. These days where fruits and veggies fail to give us all the nutrition, women take a major fall. For almost 40 years they bleed every month, they give birth to children and these days women are the bread winners too. Their bodies get depleted of the nutrition they need to keep themselves healthy.

Today SheNeeds brings to you all the right reasons you should know to start taking those multi vitamins you have been missing out on.

You are stressed

As I said, women are the busiest creatures on the planets, they don’t even get proper time to sit and enjoy a hot meal. They mostly end up skipping meals altogether or they eat on the run. This leads to inadequate consumption of vitamins and minerals which lead to an even weaker you. In the times of stress you need to extra diligent of your vitamin and mineral intake else the stress can take a serious toll on your health.

Choosing a right multi vitamin and popping a pill to cover your nutritional needs might help you manage stress. You will feel more energetic and your stress will reduce over time.

Your skin will age beautifully

A healthy looking skin needs pampering both from the inside and the outside. Women fit in a night time routine to take care of their skin but fail to understand that if the skin will not get nutrition from the inside, it will look dull and pale from the outside. Taking the right blend of multi vitamins can keep your skin radiant and glowing till the time you breathe.

To Support Your Menstrual Health

Taking a multivitamin that contains both zinc and vitamin B6 may help maintain a healthy menstrual cycle and reduce premenstrual symptoms. You should also take iron which could compensate for the loss of blood every month. Multi vitamins will keep your reproductive health intact and will not let you feel drained after a heavy period.

Sooner Or Later You will All Be Mothers

Pregnancy is that part of a woman’s life in which her own body starts to prioritize her child. A woman’s body needs to be prepared for a task as big as pregnancy. Your immunity, your strength will all depend on your vitamin and mineral intake. For women who have already given birth, it’s a must to take the daily dose of vitamin and minerals.

Your Diet Lacks The Nutrition

These days even the soil is exhausted. There were times when field were used to sow three major crops in a year. These days the soil goes through cycles of major and minor plantation all round the year. There is no time for the soil to stay unplanted and restore it’s nutrition. So, when the soil is deprived of the nutrition, how can the crops have it? So, we have to resort to supplements. We should not replace food with multi vitamins but their addition to our diet always works wonders.

Ladies, We know you are busy taking on the world. But you need to stop for a minute everyday to pop in your dose of nutrition. It will keep you going for long and you will be stronger as you go..

Stay Happy, Stay Healthy…