Actions need to be taken when the privileges are misused to an extent where they harm someone. In a recent incident of Noida, students of Pathways School made a video where they recorded a boy being slapped. The class X student got surrounded by students and one of them is seen practicing a slap by swinging his right arm. He intends to aim perfectly and his fellow mates are recording the video for a Snapchat story.

Now that the school authorities have seen the video as it made it’s way out of the snapchat to the parent’s Whatsapp groups. The school authorities are saying that it was not a case of bullying. It was a case of a slap bet. The mother of the boy who was targeted is claiming that her son has lost 25% of his hearing abilities permanently.

The school has suspended the student who is seen slapping and the two recording the video from two different angles have also been suspended for two weeks. The parents are questioning the school authorities for permitting the use of smart phones in school, which is absolutely right. School is no place to be active on social media.

“The students deposit their phones during class hours. They are again handed over the phones after the classes are over. The incident took place when the students were leaving school,” said the official.

The schools should check the use of smartphones in the schools all over the country because students of these ages prank each other in many more ways which we can’t imagine. It’s just that this slap bet got recorded and the entire country came to know about it.

As far as the sincerity and the sense of responsibility is concerned, children learn it over a period of time. A 16 year old is not expected to behave maturely but surely their immature behavior should be kept under a check.