Remember the 21 year old girl, Resham Khan, from London who was attacked with Sulphuric acid on the day of her birthday. According to Hindustan Times, she was on a morning drive with her 37-year-old cousin Jameel Mukhtar and was surely in a mood to celebrate her 21st birthday.

When the traffic lights turned red, she and her cousin waited in the car at  when the attacker, 25-year-old, John Tomlin threw acid at them. She shared her horrifying details when her cousin tried to escape but their car ran into a fence.

Resham is now recovering and has started to share her ordeal through a blog. She has described that she saw her clothes burning that day when she and her cousin were taken to the hospital. Khan’s classmate, Daniel Mann, is raising money for her treatment through a website Go Fund Me.

He wrote, “They ran out of the car, stripped off on the motorway, ran around flagging people down pleading for water naked. After 45 minutes on the motorway waiting for emergency services, a passing driver gave them a lift to the local hospital. They ran through the hospital naked screaming,” quoted Hindustan Times.

Now Resham is giving hope to people who have seen adversities in their life. She says,”If everything happens for a reason, then surely one of the reasons this happened to me was so that I could take this opportunity to make sure something positive came from such a traumatic and viscous attack. From my hospital bed I have began working with others to develop ways to prevent these attacks from happening in the future, and take back our communities from the grips of fear. I will be updating this post with the latest news in regards to the campaign”


You can read her entire blog where she has attached pictures of how she is struggling through pain even now but she is hopeful that life has done this to her for a reason. SheNeeds salute the spirit of Resham to find hope in a situation where most would loose their will to live. A grand salute to her zeal with which she has gotten back up again.

She is working towards helping the people who have been victims of acid attacks all around the globe and she very rightfully says,” It’s what’s under the skin that counts, right?” Visit her website to know more about her.