Year after year we keep asking people to bring home a Ganesha which they can submerge in the water without causing severe hazards for the environment. Yesterday after the Ganpati visarjan, many idols, which were kept in the homes of different people with all due respect, were seen floating in the water. After the visarjan, they have all washed up against the shore and are now lying in mud, broken and disrespected.

Today, we are here to plead, we are here to request you to please love Ganesha in a way that you feel bad for what you are about to see. These are the beautiful idols of Ganeshas which people were bowing down their heads to. People were offering sweets to him, asking him to grant their wishes and they promised to bring him back next year. But their love was just for ten short days. Yesterday at Ananta chaturdashi, Ganesha was submerged in water and so was your faith. Have a look:

ganesha 1ganesha 2ganesha 3ganesha 5

These pictures just make my heart cry. Why this fake show of pomposity? Why do they need to bring a Ganesha home when they were supposed to leave him to be shattered to pieces lying on the shore for the days to come? Why bring a Ganesha made up of Plaster of Paris when you can make your own Ganesha with some soil from your own garden?

Please explain to me the thought process which makes people leave a beloved part of their homes lying down like this. Don’t they feel guilty of doing something wrong? Doesn’t this not give them any religious shame?

Ganesha didn’t ask you to bring him home. He was happy without your prayers and prasads. You decided to bring him home. You decided to vest your faith in an expensive jewelry studded Ganesha. Ganesha would have been the same if he was made up of a soil or any other material which could have easily dissolved in water. But NOOOO.. You wanted to show Ganesha how grand you can be. Showing the lord of grandness, how grand your pocket is..

It’s a request.. To all of the people who believe in a power, The power which resides in you as equally as it resides in me. The power which could make you see the ganesha in a big 18 feet tall idol, can also make you see him in an eco friendly idol. Please don’t ruin the environment in the name of faith. The people who made Ganesha with chocolates or soil have the same amount of faith. Don’t mock your own faith, don’t mock your Ganesha. Please, a hand folded please, stop disrespecting Ganesha and stop disrespecting our environment.