Teacher’s Day is celebrated on the 5th of September every year to honor all the teachers who have contributed in our life. Every bit of what we are today is because of a teacher. She may be the mother who taught us everything in our childhood, or our school teachers or the colleagues who gave us different lessons at different times.

Out of all the people who teach us on different occasions of our lives, a mother is the one who has an everlasting impact. Her teachings are so effectual and gripping that a person evolves around the way of life she teaches. Today SheNeeds is bringing to you 5 reasons why your mother is your best teacher.

A Mother Tunes A Child’s Subconscious Mind

Have you ever wondered that you are set in a certain fashion. You do some things in a peculiar way and no other way of doing it gives you the satisfaction you seek. It is because your subconscious mind is tuned to doing it that way. These tunings of the subconscious mind are called habits and a mother is responsible for almost all of them.┬áMany researches say that a child’s subconscious mind is active for the initial three years of his life. What ever he learns becomes his habits and stays with him throughout his life. They way you think, the way you eat, the way you react to situations are all because of the habits your mother cultivated in you.

She Moves You With Her Presence; Not Her Words

A mother is so impactful for a child that she doesn’t need any words to affect her child’s mind. Her presence, her way of living her silent support and dedication for her family becomes the reason for a child to be like his mother when he grows up. Many studies prove that a child is the audience of a mother till the time he is 12 year of age. He will observe all the things a mother does, without her asking him to notice. A child picks up traits for himself by looking at his mother and it’s the feeling of her presence which stays with a child even if he is far away from home. Remember the time when she used to nurse you back to health just by sitting by your side. It’s her mere presence which reverberates so much that she makes an everlasting impact on your soul.

She Makes You Head Strong

You can never imagine the amount of courage it takes for a mother to see her child falling and not rushing to help him and caress his wounds. It’s takes a heart of gold and a mind of steel to raise a strong headed child. A mother teaches her little one to stand back up every time he falls, she teaches him to look for the silver lining in a big black cloud, she teaches him not to waste time in looking at the wounds which his last falls gave to him, she teaches him to keep going till the time he reaches the destination. No one else but a mother can do this. She would take your anger with a smile but will not let you grow weaker by her pampering.

She Becomes What You Need

A mother is the first teacher of a child. She teaches him everything he needs to learn. She becomes a child’s play partner when he grows up to be a toddler, a dear friend to him in his teenage, a guardian to him when he goes to college and back to being a mother for the rest of his life. She very quickly changes her role from being a critic to an admirer to a fellow struggler to an inspiration. She is everything a child needs throughout his life. Only a mother has the capacity to be a child’s biggest support and his best teacher.

She Brings Out The Best In You Without Even Letting You Reslize it

A craftsman needs a chisel to shape his idols perfectly. But a mother doesn’t need any tool but love to shape a child’s future. She keeps on pouring her goodness in her child’s heart and keeps her faith intact eve when the situations present a different picture. She keeps telling her child that ‘He can be whet he wants to be’. She is the craftsman of a child’s life, his future, his behavior and all of his relationships in life will be determined by how his mother is. A mother has this immense power to be the axis of a child’s life even without being around. She becomes the reason for a child to be good and she chisels her way to his perfectly carved future in his childhood itself.

A mother is no less than god because she dedicates herself selflessly towards her child. No one in the world knows how much a mother loves a child because words fail us miserably when we try to bind a mother’s love. It can just be felt and we can all just be overwhelmingly thankful to her for being our teacher.

Happy Teacher’s Day…