Shilpa Shetty Always Skips This One Thing From Her Diet And Her Results Are Outstanding

Shilpa Shetty Kundra is no doubt the sexiest mom of Bollywood. When we think of her, we can’t even imagine that she put on 18 kgs in her pregnancy. She lost those 18 kgs in a matter of five and a half months owing to her secret mantra. And, NO, her secret Mantra is not YOGA. She is a big believer in yoga but to loose those extra pounds and to stay in shape Shilpa eliminated something from her diet.  (ALSO READ: Yoga; Asanas to begin with)


This 42 year old actress, has written a book called,‘THE GREAT INDIAN DIET’ which she actually co authored with the fitness and nutrition expert Luke Coutinho. There she says that the word diet plays with a person’s mind. The moment you decide that you are going on a diet,your mind makes you feel hungry and you end up craving for things you would normally not eat. She says that it’s the reason which makes her crave for food during fasts. 

So, what is it that she has eliminated from her diet?

A little time ago Shilpa went on a #DitchTheSugar challenge. For the challenge she decided not to eat any sugar for three week and see how it affects her body. After three weeks she found out that after ditching sugar, she has become more sexier. Her body reacted in an incredible way to the absence of sugar in her body.

As we all know that sugar can be found in processed foods and sweets, so she ditched them all. Since it was her challenge, she decided to give up gluten and dairy too. She tried it on herself for a week and then invited fitness enthusiast and her fans to take up the challenge. She published the rules too: (ALSO READ: Sonam Kapoor, Jacqueline Fernandez, Parineeti Chopra Stopped Eating These Foods To Stay Fit)


She told her fans how sugar affects ones body. She explained that when you eat sugar, the insulin levels of your body spike and the liver in turn converts sugar into fat. Eating sugar can cause high blood pressure and can lead to serious problems like diabetes.


She also shared her insights of how you can look and feel at the end of a three or four week trial of ditching sugar. Have a look:


She says that after following the challenge with a reverence, she indulged herself in a sundae feast.



She shared everything about her diet too and in an interview she said,” “My palate is very middle class, my lunch has to be Indian food no matter where I am and what I’m eating otherwise. I spent most of my first five years with Amma(maternal grandmother) as my parents were both working at the time. She had magic in her hands and the simplest food she cooked was simply delicious. She’d make the most mouthwatering tomato saar (curry) and even a simple serving of steamed French beans with just a chaunk (tempering) of mustard seeds and curry leaves, with some grated coconut on top—had such a generous dose of love that it tasted amazing!”

Here is a sneak peek into her diet chart:


Shilpa says, “One cheat meal won’t make you fat, just like one clean meal will not make your lean. You’ve got to practice SELF DISCIPLINE to have more ‘On’ days than ‘Off’. 

If you too want to loose the fat you have accumulated over time, just do this one thing and see how miraculously your body responds. Eliminating sugar from ones body can do wonders to your metabolism and your liver will be as healthy as ever.


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