Bollywood actresses have been a victim of morphing since years and years. Every famous Bollywood actress has faced the problem of her picture being morphed into a nude. This time it’s Alia Bhatt who has been used to be morphed on a nude model and it’s so brilliantly done that it will shock you.

Just a few months back it was Deepika Padukone who was morphed on a nude model too and it created a huge stir on the internet. In spite of being a boon to most of us, Internet is a scary place. There are things which happen with the internet which we can’t even imagine.¬†(ALSO READ: Deepika Padukone Beauty and Fitness Secrets Revealed)

People get dupes of money, girls get defamed by morphing, hacking of social media accounts are the common thins which we hear everyday. After this picture, we hope that Alia Bhatt finds out about it and takes a strict action against the people who had the time and audacity to do such a thing.


The cyber crime cell is very active these days and sometimes just a mere tweet has come to the rescue of people. If any such shameful thing happens to you then you should register a complaint with the cyber crime cell because they are the only ones equipped to find out the person who did it. Your only chances of getting the culprit punished is when you raise a voice.