What the hell is wrong with people? On Sunday afternoon, a 36 year old woman, threw her seven year old differently abled daughter off a building. The news came from Bangalore from Jaraganahalli in JP Nagar where this mother threw her daughter from the third floor.

According to the people who witness this unfortunate incident, “the girl survived the initial fall but her mother intended to kill her. She came down to pick up her daughter just to throw her off once again.”

Initially the on lookers thought that the girl slipped from the balcony and had a fall. But when the mother came down and they asked her why was she not taking her to the hospital, she just scooped her daughter back in her arms, rushed to her flat, locked the door to throw her off once again.

The girl didn’t survive the second fall and died on the spot. The people of the building tied the woman to an electric pole and she kept on saying that her daughter was mentally unstable. Police claimed that the woman seemed mentally disturbed and told them that her daughter was restless and she decided to throw her down to calm her.

The police soon came to arrest the 36 year old, Swathi Sarkar. They said that her daughter Shreya was suffering from speech impediment and Swathi was desperately trying to make her speak. Swathi’s husband has told the police that Swathi used to harass their daughter on a regular basis and was mentally disturbed.

This is just new level of inhumanity which we have seen. How have people gathered the inhumanity that they are finding themselves capable of killing their own children, raping them and leaving them on the streets just to be eaten up by ants.