Teaching your children to brush their teeth everyday is a big hassle for the mothers. They don’t know how to do it themselves and they won’t let any one else do it. It was a big headache for me when my baby had enough teeth which I struggled to clean everyday. The same ‘I ll do it myself’ episode and a set of dirty teeth became my nightmare. Since children don’t refrain from eating chocolates and lollipops, it becomes a necessity to clean their teeth twice everyday. After struggling for a year, here are the tips and tricks I have applied to teach my daughter to brush her teeth. Let’s dive in..

Family Brushing Time

Yes, it’s like a occasion I celebrate in my home everyday. The whole family, mumma, dada and baby, take our brushes in our hands and we brush our teeth together. Dada becomes the instructor and me and my baby becomes his trainees. My daughter is two but she speaks a lot and she asks too many questions while brushing. To keep her engaged in brushing, I do it wrong intentionally and to show me how it’s done, she does it right. If dada is not present for our family brushing ceremony, mumma and baby are enough to teach each other. P.S: I always end up being the student and after brushing her teeth, she brushes mine.

Golden Stars

We have a chart where all the family members are ranked according to their daily brushing performance. My daughter knows that a golden star is the most precious one and she never aims for anything less. When she does it right, we clap for her and stick a golden star in front of her picture. She is exited everyday to get the star and tries her best to brush properly. I also give her a small toy when she gets 10 golden stars in a row.

Make your Tunes

Children love the activities where they can dance and sing. Since brushing the teeth is a very vital task of their new learning schedule, you can incorporate some singing and dancing with it. Find a brushing rhyme and put it on TV while you teach your child brushing. Else you can make your own tunes and tell your child how to do it while singing.The actions of up and down, round and round are quiet interesting to do.

Sand Timers

Since our doctors advise that we should brush our teeth for atleast two minutes, twice a day, it becomes a task to keep your child brushing for two minutes. To take care of the time, I have bought three sand timers, a dada timer, a mumma timer and a baby timer (just like Goldie Locks and the three bears). The contest is to keep brushing till the time the sand passes to the bottom shelf. The one who wins gets to choose what clothes he wants to wear after taking the shower.  Since my daughter has the smallest timer, she wins and she chooses her own dress everyday. This way she has learnt to dress herself properly as well.

Pretty Brushes For Everyday

Babies are very imaginative and they develop a real connection with the cartoon characters they watch on TV. Some children love books and they get fascinated by numbers and alphabets. To make brushing an even more interesting experience for your child, you can get seven different brushes for seven different days. You can get brushes in the themes of cars, cartoon like Doremon, Little Mermaid, Chota Bheem and many more. You can get your kid exited about the character who will come to clean his teeth that day.

Teaching children good habits is not an easy job but if you use your creativity and know your child’s interest then you can very easily mold him. It will then be a piece of cake for you to teach your child the things they should learn.

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