Ganesh Chaturthi is upon us and it’s time for the delicious modaks once again. Modak is a mandatory offering to Lord Ganesha and people these days have incorporated lots of their creative skills to make modaks a special attraction. These modaks are offered to the Lord as ‘naivedya’ and then distributed to friends and family as ‘Prasad’.

Today SheNeeds brings to you five different types of Modaks you can prepare this season. Instead of bringing everything to you in writing, we are happy to share the best of recipes we could find on the internet. You can watch and learn how to prepare these delicious modaks for this year’s Ganesh Puja.

Ukadee Che Modak

This is a traditional recipe using rice flour, coconut and jaggery to prepare the modaks. It is customary to offer Ukadee che modak to Lord Ganesh on the first day of Ganesh Puja. They are really easy to prepare but need practice for those perfect shapes. Even using the molds need practice. They are delicate and are super delicious.


Rava Modak

Since Ukadee che modak are the traditional modaks and are prepared with rice, the kids often make faces while eating them. So after the first day, you can prepare variety of modaks to please the god and your family will love the too. These rava modaks are a quick preparation and need no expertise. Here is the recipe:


Fried Modak

After trying the rice and rava modaks, it’s time to do something different. You can make fried modaks and they are very similar to preparing Ukadee che modak. It is a popular offering to Lord Ganesh and are found in almost all the sweet shops during Ganpati festival.


Mawa Modak

Traditionally mawa is used to make almost all the sweets in India. Then why not modaks. Mawa modaks are really easy to prepare and can be cooked at home even on a very short notice. You can keep mawa modaks as prasad on one of the days of Ganesh festival and rest assured that your family and friends will love the prasad.


Chocolate Modak

When you can love chocolate so much then why not offer it to the god as well. This lip smacking recipe of chocolate modak is one of the favorites of the little Ganeshas in your home. It’s a modern blend of the traditional modak and it has the top favorite ingredient of all times; Chocolate.


We hope that you have a great festival and Lord Ganesha gives you all the prosperity in the world. Don’t forget to share your experiences of preparing these modaks with us in the comments section below.