No one is safe, not women, not children, not ever our celebrities. There are men out there who are least concerned about the consequences of their actions. They mis behave, they harass, they go to any limit possible to convey their liking for a woman. It’s almost every day we read about molestation, stalking, rape. After the incident women just shout, they speak up what they went through and that’s it. The authorities take actions but the men who mis behaved don’t even realize that they did something wrong. Women are just waiting for the time when men will know that women need to be respected and not harassed.

In a recent incident, Baadshaho star, Ileana D’Cruz got harassed by two men while she was stuck in traffic. She was going to a fashion show venue in Mumbai. In an interview to Mumbai Mirror, Ileana said, “They started banging against the window, pressing themselves against the car, one of them even lying down on the top of the bonnet and laughing. I’ve been eve teased when I was younger, but I didn’t expect guys to misbehave to this level at this age.” She added, “They followed my car even after the signal turned green. It was like a power trip for them.”

After facing this, she being bold, took to twitter and lashed out the two men.

After this incident Ileana didn’t get out of the car because she was without any bodyguard at that time. The only person who accompanied her was her chauffeur. “They could have beaten him up and I wouldn’t have been able to stop them. So the only thing my chauffeur could do was honk while I ignored their antics,” she said.

“I don’t even know who they are. May be I’ll handle the situation differently if, God forbid, it happens again, but this time, I played safe.”

What could she do? Every women gets scared when men start to behave like this. It seems like some men are just losing their minds. The sense of chivalry has vanished somewhere.